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What should experts pay attention to the samples of experts?

First of all, the physical examination should not make up on the day of the physical examination, including lipstick, nail polish, mascara, facial makeup, etc. Because these decorations can affect doctors’ judgment of the disease, such as whether there are anemia, heart disease and respiratory diseases. There have been facial plastic surgery to actively tell the doctor in order to judge whether there is a genetic disease.

Secondly, the medical examination should be cleaned before the physical examination of the oral, nasal cavity, and external auditory canal. It is easy for some diseases to miss some diseases.

Specifications are the most important task for medical examination staff. So, what kind of specimen can provide the correct information for doctors?

1. Urine specimen

When removing urine, the cleaning container provided by the hospital should be used, and it should be checked within thirty minutes after the urine. Therefore, the medical examination should leave urine in the hospital to prevent the urine from being too long or using an unclean container, so that some chemical components in the urine or formation scores are destroyed, such as glucose decomposition, red blood cell dissolution, etc., which affects urine examination result. The urine left at the same time should stay in the bladder for more than four hours of urine. Therefore, do not drink a lot of water before leaving urination, so as not to dilute the urine and affect the number of cells. When adult women retain urine, they should avoid menstrual periods and prevent vaginal discharge from mixing and affect results judgment.

2. Specification

Specifications for feces should also be delivered within 30 minutes. Do not mix with urine. The specimen box should be clean and dry. If there is mucus or blood in the stool, you should choose the mucus and blood parts to provide accurate information to the doctor. At the same time, the first three days of the stool inspection, do not eat blood -containing foods to prevent the results from being inaccurate.

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3. Blood specimen

Before extraction of venous blood, in order to determine the blood lipid ingredients and enzymes in the serum more accurately, patients should fast for 12 to 14 hours of water ban to avoid eating the blood lipid concentration, especially the impact on triglyceride. Drinking water can dilute the blood and affect the number of cells in the blood; drinking drinks or eating, can also change the blood glucose concentration in the blood. At the same time, due to the influence of the menstrual period of blood sedimentation and red blood cells, it is best to avoid the menstrual period. When choosing a blood specimen, patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease can use a small amount of boiled water before taking the blood. Some people are worried about the effect of drugs on the results of the medical examination. In fact, these drugs have a small impact on the blood specimen, and generally do not affect the judgment of the results.

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