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What should girls eat menstruation?Don’t miss these foods

Menstruation is the process of women after adolescence, and it is also a special period for women, once a month. Because women’s early menstrual bleeding is large, if you do not pay attention to nutritional supplements, anemia is prone to occur. At this time, you can adjust the discomfort of menstruation through food supplements. So what do girls eat menstruation? Let’s understand today.

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1. Brown sugar


Because women will lose a lot of iron during menstruation. In order to keep their bodies without iron, female friends can drink more brown sugar water. This can not only supplement blood, but also speed up the discharge of dirty blood in the body. Brown sugar also has a certain temperature supplement. Drinking brown sugar during menstruation can prevent dysmenorrhea.

2. Gegen

Many people have eaten Pueraria powder. Pueraous powder is rich in estrogen, especially women take during menstruation, which can effectively supplement the estrogen loss in the body. At the same time, taking Pueraria powder for a long time can also effectively improve the physical condition of women and delay women’s aging.

3. Lotus root


Lotus root has a hemostatic effect, and can also shrink blood vessels, suitable for women with short menstrual cycles and more menstruation. Lotus root is also good for patients with weak constitution.

4. Amaranth

Amaranth has the effect of cooling blood and hemostasis, diuretic and swelling. Eating amaranth can effectively regulate the situation of women’s menstrual flow.

5. Eggplant


The eggplant we often eat in our daily life also has the effects of clearing heat, promoting blood circulation, swelling, and analgesic. Female friends often eat eggplants for improving menstrual flow and dysmenorrhea.

6. Red dates

Female friends can eat more red dates after menstruation, so that they can strengthen the spleen and nourish blood, but also effectively reduce the formation of melanin. There are many ways to eat red dates. You can eat it directly or drink soup.

7. Angelica

Angelica has the effects of regulating menstruation, promoting blood circulation, and nourishing blood. It is often used to treat women’s irregular menstruation. It can also nourish the liver and nourish blood. Taking it before menstruation can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms. Use angelica stewed chicken, eat clean after menstruation, and put some wolfberry and red dates to replenish blood.

Warm reminder: In addition to paying attention to food supplement during menstruation, women should also pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen to prevent the cold of the palace.

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