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What should I do if a man premature ejaculation?What to eat?

Now men suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation due to physical health or pressure. If it is not treated without treatment, it may affect the sexual life of husband and wife. So how do patients eat while treating?

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Honey contains a plant hormone similar to human pituitary hormones, which has the effect of lively/glands, and sugar in honey is very beneficial to the formation of semen.


Light vegetables, also known as beads and shell vegetables. Contains thick protein, iodine, B vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, etc. Its taste is salty, sexually/warm, and has the effect of warming the kidney and solidifying essence and nourishing qi. Suitable for men’s sex/dysfunction, nocturnal emission, yang/diet, housework, thirst and other symptoms.

Malt oil

Malt oil contains rich vitamin B and E. Vitamin E in the shortage can lead to degeneration and atrophy of yin/stem, and reduced sexual/hormone excretion. Therefore, corn, millet, whole wheat flour containing malt oil should be eaten often. Six, silkworm pupae: contain rich nutrition, can nourish the liver and kidney, benefit the essence of qi, treat impotence to cure refinement, solidify astringent and refinement. If the middle -aged and elderly people have liver and kidney deficiency, insufficient essence, yang/yang/yang nocturnal emission, they are edible.

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