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What should I do if children have a cold?Three cold care measures can be arranged

Many parents in their lives have a cold headache for their children. Sometimes they suddenly have a cold and fever at night. Parents have to go to the hospital with a scalp. Although a cold is not a serious illness, it is definitely not good for children’s physical health for a long time. How to deal with a cold in the wind? As a parent, you should remember these cold -cold treatment methods.

The child gets a cold, but cares like this:

1. Time

If the child has symptoms of colds and colds, parents should immediately take corresponding measures. If the child has a fever symptoms, a fever should be performed immediately. You can drink a bowl of ginger brown sugar water. It is very good to handle the heat and eliminate the excess heat of the body. When necessary, you can take antibiotics for anti -inflammatory.

2. Scientific diet

Parents must allow their children to develop a good diet in their ordinary life. They usually cannot pick up eaters. They must eat any food, so that nutrition will be balanced. During the child’s cold, the child must not let the child eat too much spicy foods too much. Eating such foods can only make children get more serious. During the time of a cold, the diet is still mainly light food. Only when eating and right food can make the symptoms of children hurting the cold in the shortest time. Internal relief.

3. Supplementary nutrition

This is often overlooked. During the cold, children must supplement sufficient vitamins. Because vitamins are an important means to maintain children’s physical functions and improve immunity. And eating more vitamins with high vitamins is the main channel for nutrition, which can also help the wind and catch a cold.

All in all, the symptoms of a child with a cold should be taken immediately for treatment. If the child’s condition is very serious, it must be sent to the hospital for mechanical energy for the hospital to avoid the harm of brain damage and affect the normal development of the child.

What should I do if children have a cold? The nursing measures about children’s injuries and colds have been explained very clearly. I hope that parents must take correct measures for care after discovering their children in the wind. Essence

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