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What should I do if endocrine disorders cause abnormal menstruation?

Women’s endocrine disorders lead to abnormal menstruation and generally need to be determined after examination.Generally, contraceptives such as Da Ying 35 can be used to regulate menstruation.

Endocrine disorders, also known as endocrine dysfunction, refer to certain endocrine glands or cells in the human body for certain reasons that cannot secrete hormones normally, excessively secretion, too little, or even hormone, leading to hormone imbalance.Endocrine disorders lead to abnormal menstruation and can be divided into various cases, and different situations can be treated differently.For example, the more common is polycystic ovary syndrome.For menstrual disorders of polycystic ovary syndrome, oral contraceptives such as Da Ying 35 are generally given to regulate menstruation.If you want to have children, you can induce ovulation and even test tube babies.Hyperminemia is another common disease caused by amenorrhea caused by endocrine disorders.Generally, special effects such as bromide are used for treatment, and pituitary tumors sometimes need surgery.And menopausal women often have ovulation -free bleeding, manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding.At this time, a large amount of hormones need to be used to stop bleeding, and then use oral contraceptives to regulate menstruation.For pure ovulation bleeding, oral contraceptives can be given to adjust menstruation.If the luteal function is unhealthy and the menstrual cycle is shortened, suengizone can be supplemented in the second half of the cycle.

It is recommended that patients supplement drinking water in time, pay attention to preventing constipation and other symptoms, maintain a cheerful spirit, relax their physical and mental stress, and overcome negative emotions such as anxiety and nervousness.Participate in fitness exercise, laws of life, work on time, work and rest, and combine work and rest. In particular, we must control nightlife, ensure sufficient sleep, strengthen self -control, and avoid all bad spiritual stimuli, such as shock, fear, anger, excessive sadness.Food must be diversified, diverse, and reasonable.Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy and irritating foods.Botanical oil is the main and supplemented by animal oil to obtain more unsaturated fatty acids.

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