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What should I do if I do diarrhea in summer?

The summer solstice has arrived, the external temperature has gradually risen, and there are more rainwater. It provides suitable natural conditions for the growth and reproduction of various intestinal pathogenic bacteria. In addition, various fruits, cold vegetarian vegetables or ice drinks in summer are also eaten comparison. Many, if you don’t pay attention to hygiene, you may allow various germs to “take advantage of it”. In addition, the development of the pediatric digestive tract development function is not yet mature, the secretion of digestive enzymes is less, and the immunity is low. Diarrhea has become a common disease and multiple onset of children in children.


Children’s diarrhea is diarrhea. Moms and dads can get from two aspects. One is that the number of baby stools has increased, generally the number of stools a day exceeded 3 times; the second is that the characteristics of the stool have changed. It is even water -like, or there are some mucus or even pus. If the baby’s poop has the above two situations, then the parents should pay attention: your baby is likely to be diarrhea!

Do you have to go to the hospital with diarrhea?

If the number of stools increases or changes in the stool, but other states are acceptable, there are no fever, no frequent vomiting, crying, good appetite, good sleep, you can go to the hospital for the time being, but if parents cannot judge that pediatric diarrhea is belonging to it, it belongs to it. Light illness is still severe, so it is best to take your child to the hospital, and ask a professional doctor to help you for treatment.

These children’s diarrhea must be visited immediately

If the baby is repeated diarrhea, accompanied by abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, frequent crying, poor spirit, pale face, etc., there are mucus or blood in the stool, or the stool is like water, or the baby has dry mouth and dry tongue, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, and dry mouth, and dry mouth, and dry mouth, or dry mouth, and dry mouth, or dry mouth, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry tongue, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, dry mouth, and dry mouth and dry tongue. Obvious dehydration signs such as less urine, dry skin, no tears when crying, sinking, and poor mental state indicate that the diarrhea of ​​children is already very serious. You must not be “improper” anymore, and you must take it to the hospital immediately.

What to do when child has diarrhea?

As soon as some parents saw the baby’s diarrhea, they hoped that the doctor would immediately give the “immediate” antidiarrheal medicine, otherwise it would feel that it was “poor treatment effect”. The reaction, when bacteria and viruses enter the human digestive tract, the body can discharge bacteria and viruses in the body through diarrhea, and premature use of anti -laxatives to prevent these viruses and bacteria and other pathogens. It may not be excreted from the body, which may make the condition worse.

Some parents will also give their children some antibiotics or probiotics for their own. In fact, this approach is not desirable. There are many causes of diarrhea in children, and they need to be treated symptomatically to achieve real treatment effects. If the baby is only acute diarrhea caused by viral infections, because this diarrhea is self -limited, it can usually be cured naturally in about a week. At this time, antibiotics are not needed. Acute diarrhea is transformed into chronic diarrhea that is not healed; if it is combined with bacterial infection, the doctor will use some antibiotics as appropriate to completely kill the infected germs. And some parents treat probiotic agents as necessary drugs for treating children’s diarrhea. In fact, probiotic preparations have two effects, which can treat diarrhea or constipation, that is, it can also lead to diarrhea or constipation. Therefore, do not treat probiotic agents as a must -have drug for children’s diarrhea for children’s diarrhea. If the baby’s diarrhea is not effective after taking him, the parents should stop and continue using it.

Correct care for children’s diarrhea

Babies with breastfeeding below 12 months can continue to adhere to breastfeeding, but can reduce the amount of each eating slightly, and increase the corresponding number of eating times to achieve a small amount of meals; artificial feeding babies can use skimmed milk powder for performed milk powder for pour Feeding; babies who have begun to add supplementary food should be slightly reduced or paused to feed various meat foods to avoid increasing the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and aggravating diarrhea. The diet should be as light and easy to digest, such as porridge, noodle soup, etc. Do not drink cold drinks such as carbonated drinks. When you eat too much cold food, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal stress reactions and cause diarrhea. At the same time, you should pay attention to oral replenishment salt during diarrhea to ensure the balance of hydrolysis in the body.

In summer, children’s diarrhea needs to prevent “disease from the mouth”

The bottle and utensils used by infants and young children should be disinfected regularly, keeping clean and hygienic, do not want to be convenient and disinfected with a few bottle at one time. The foods for children should be kept fresh. Summer foods are easier to deteriorate. Weaken, so the food you eat should be separated to avoid cross -pollution. The remaining foods should be stored in time, and the storage time should not be too long. Before feeding children, pay attention to cleaning hands and emphasize hand hygiene. Most digestive tract infectious diseases are transmitted through hand contact. (Guide expert: Correspondent of Xie Danyu, Chief Physician of the Department of Pediatrics of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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