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What should I do if I find that I suffer from chronic hepatitis?

In my country, liver disease is a common and multiple diseases. According to predictions, by 2020, the total number of chronic liver disease in China will reach 447 million. It shows that there are still many patients with chronic hepatitis in China.Although the condition of the chronic hepatitis stage is not so serious, if it is not treated in time and not paying attention to life in the future, the condition will continue to worsen, which may eventually lead to a life -threatening disease such as cirrhosis and liver failure.What should I do if I find that I have chronic hepatitis?Learn about.

What should I do if I find that I suffer from chronic hepatitis?

What are the symptoms of chronic hepatitis?

Patients with mild chronic hepatitis feel that they have no strength and do not want to eat, especially when I see some greasy foods feel nauseous. Sometimes the liver area will have mild pain., But at this stage, patients do B -ultrasound found that the liver size is normal, the texture is very soft, but it will have pain after pressing force.

There are many symptoms of medium and severe chronic hepatitis, and the condition should be more serious. Most patients have moderate jaundice. The skin of the whole body is yellow. It feels no strength in the whole body. Some patients also have severe ascites.Some severe patients also have lower limbs, bleeding tendency, and hepatic brain disease.

What should I do if I find that I suffer from chronic hepatitis?

Chronic hepatitis, adjust your lifestyle in this way

After getting chronic hepatitis, you must pay attention to rest and adjust more and maintain a relaxed mentality.Patients with chronic hepatitis cannot stay at home for a long time, and go out to breathe fresh air every day. If the patient’s liver function is severely damaged, do not do severe exercise, walking is a suitable way of activity.

In terms of diet, patients with chronic hepatitis should usually be based on high -quality protein and eat less fat foods, such as animal offal, fat, and so on. You can eat foods with high cellulose and more vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

The above article mainly explains the symptoms of chronic hepatitis and the treatment methods after discovery. I hope that everyone will remember these basic common sense. After discovering that these symptoms have these symptoms, they must be treated early. The sooner the better, the better.Patients with chronic hepatitis eat more nutritious foods in their diet, and relax their mentality, and the correct health care method helps to recover health early.

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