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What should I do if I have been runny nose after a cold

After the children have a cold, they have been running nose by massaging their noses, backs or medicines.

When each baby caught a cold, he runny nose to varying degrees, sometimes accompanied by fever, headache and other physical discomfort. The runny nose stimulates the skin around the nasal cavity. Over time, it may cause pain. Children’s cold and runny nose can generally be treated by the following methods: 1. Nose massage: When a child has a cold and runny nose, you can massage his nose with your index finger and thumb. This can effectively promote local blood circulation, reduce the degree of nasal edema, and massage for a period of time to alleviate the symptoms of children’s runny nose. 2. Massage back: When children runny nose, they will be accompanied by unwell. You can rub on the back of the child with your palms until the child’s back is heated. In the process, you can quickly give your child’s nose ventilation to relieve discomfort. Wet compresses can also promote nasal blood circulation. When the child’s runny nose is severe, you can use gauze or clean towels to dip in hot water, and then wrap it in layers to wet the nose. 3. Drug treatment: For the runny nose caused by a cold, you can usually take some children’s heat dyspnea particles, cold pellets and other drugs for treatment. After the cold is relieved, the symptoms of runny nose can generally disappear on their own. In most cases, baby colds and nasal discomfort are related to bacterial infections. At this time, an appropriate amount of antibiotics are usually used for treatment. According to the medicinal test, the relatively safe and effective antibiotics are selected for treatment, and it is strictly taken under the guidance of the doctor. In addition, if the child has a runny nose after a cold, he can also wash his nose with warm water and wash the nasal cavity with wet cotton swabs with fresh saline. The effect may be better, and the secretions of the nasal cavity can be sucked out to make the nasal cavity unobstructed.

It is recommended that patients need to be light after a cold, which will affect spleen and stomach function and cause indigestion. So after a cold, it is mainly easy to digest. Don’t eat spicy, greasy, irritating, cold food. You can eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, such as apples, bananas, vegetables, etc.

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