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What should I do if I have eczema on my body?Can I eat spicy after eczema?

Some skin -sensitive people do n’t pay much attention to their normal life. They find that they have eczema on their bodies. If they cannot be treated in time, they will cause serious damage to the body and have to be treated in time. So what should I do if I have eczema on my body? Intersection The following is a detailed introduction to the solution of eczema on the body.

What should I do if I have eczema? Solution of eczema on the body:

1. Forbidden to eat spicy food

People who have eczema must never eat spicy and greasy food. Otherwise, it will increase the condition of eczema, and it will also breed acne and make the skin worse. Skin oil is secreted too much, and skin problems are more and more. So the time of eczema should be light.

2. The rules of daily life and rest

Normally, do not stay up late. Staying night will reduce the metabolism of the skin, and detoxification will become very average. Eczema on the face became more serious. Therefore, it is usually best to go to bed early, which can not only improve eczema, but also make the skin better.

3. Wash your face with warm water

Girls who have eczema usually wash their faces with warm water, soothe the skin, and effectively expand skin pores to eliminate garbage dirt. Do not use too cold or overheated water. The former will cause skin pores to shrink and unable to detoxify, which will accelerate the aging of the skin.

4. Keep your skin clean and hydrated

Girls who have eczema, don’t think they can’t care. At this time, it is even more needed for skin care, but you must be careful. None of the skin care products used should not be too irritating and nourishing. It is best to choose streamlined ingredients. The skin care effect is safe and effective.

5. Apply the right medicine

Proper dosage forms and drugs are selected according to skin lesions. Most of the physique relationship with individuals is mostly caused by damp -heat constitution. It is not easy to cure at present. Usually, be careful not to eat spicy food. Keeping stools and sufficient sleep, paying attention to skin cleaning and moisturizing, these can reduce the recurrence of eczema and achieve the purpose of cure.

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What should I do if I have eczema on my body? I believe that after reading the above, I have a certain understanding of the solution to grow eczema on the body. I hope that everyone can find that they can be treated as soon as possible after eczema on their bodies. healthy.


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