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What should I do if I have impotence?Diet therapy helps you cure impotence

What should I do if I have impotence? Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is hindered for men with impotence, which can be hindered and easily affects husband and wife relationship. For patients with impotence, in addition to active treatment, they can also be adjusted through dietary therapy to promote rehabilitation. Do you know what impotence to eat can help conditioning?

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Impotence natural functional food production formula

1. Stewed rice stewed pig 1

[Raw material] 200 grams of pigs, 10 grams of barley, 10 grams of salt, ginger, papaya, a little onion and monosodium glutamate.

[Method] Wash the pig’s crickets, cut into pieces, and put it into the pot with barley and papaya until they are cooked and seasoned.

[Features and functions] Take meals. This product is suitable for impotence and other diseases.

2. Lycium barbarum sheep kidney porridge

[Ingredients] 1 sheep kidney, 250 grams of wolfberry leaves, 60 grams of japonica rice, white and salt in each moderate amount

[Method] Put the sheep’s kidney, wash the inner tendons, chop them, cook the wolfberry leaves first, take the juice with the sheep kidney, japonica rice, and green onion porridge.

[Features and functions] Eat meals. This product has the effects of warming kidney yang and nourishing essence and blood, and is suitable for kidney deficiency and strain, impotence, and spermatogenesis.

3. Leek fried shrimp

[Raw materials] 250 grams of leeks, 100 grams of shrimp, 1 egg white, 250 grams of cooked lard, pepper, MSG, sugar, salt, fresh soup, water starch, cooking wine.

[Method] Wash the leeks and cut it into sections; wash the shrimp, cut into small pieces, control the water, put it in the bowl, add the egg white and a little salt to stir the slurry. When the wok is on fire, when the fuel is burned to 50 % of the heat, disperses the nourishing shrimp and fry it to seven or eight mature, remove and drain the oil. Leave the bottom oil in the original pot, boil to 70 % of the heat, stir -fry the leeks, then add the shrimp, cook in cooking wine, add the remaining salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate and fresh soup, and boil. Use water starch to thicken, turn it over, sprinkle with pepper, and then make it.

[Features and functions] This dish is smooth and delicious, refreshing and delicious. It has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, warmth, qi, and deficiency. It is suitable for treating impotence, self -sweat, night sweats, nocturnal emission, hematuria and other diseases.

4. Leek fried eggs

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[Raw materials] 150 grams of leeks, 3 eggs, 15 grams of lard, 20 grams of vegetable oil, 5 grams of refined salt.

[Method] Wash the leeks and cut it into a section; Heat the wok, burn it to 50 or 60 % of the heat, pour the egg liquid, and fry it to the small group. Put the wok in the lard and heat, stir -fry the leeks, stir -fry the high speed, put the salt, pour the eggs when it is cooked, and turn it out of the pot twice.

[Features and Function] This vegetable is yellow and green, with a coordinated and beautiful color, fresh and fragrant, seductive appetite, has the effects of nourishing kidney and aphrodisiac, qi, and dirty. Essence

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