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What should I do if I have no “sexual interest” for TA?Then open the music “assistance”

Nowadays, the pace of people’s life is accelerating, and the pressure of life has followed. In a high -speed operation, many adults are tortured and exhausted. For example, the working method of 996 has left many people even the basic “sexual desire” of creatures. When I go home to wash and sleep, I have no mood to be mood to flirt with my partner.

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What should I do if I have no “sexual interest”? In addition to reducing stress and relaxation, you may wish to turn on your phone and play some “help” music.

Dr. Langda Friman, a clinical neurosteologist in the United States, said that music is associated with the system responsible for emotions in the brain. Good music can not only affect psychology, but also “help.”

Why can music “help”?

First of all, listening to music can relax, sadness will be released, negative attention will be dispersed, and sexual suppression will decrease.

Secondly, music can promote the release of dopamine in the body and make people more active and active.

In addition, the rhythm in music will stimulate the sense of rhythm of intimacy and improve the quality of sex.

Finally, listening to music also helps stimulate the original physiological desires in the human body. For example, a music full of exotic style helps reduce the sense of restraint and make people more willing to adventure.

However, there are many types of music, not every type of music can help. If you want to use music as a prelude to sex, try the following music:

1. Rhythm Bruce

Rhythm Bruce is also known as rhythmic complaint and rhythm. This kind of music is full of emotions and has great auditory enjoyment.

2. Electronic music

There are many styles of electronic music, some are happy, some deep, some cool, and some trends. They basically have no lyrics, but the clear rhythm is easy to bring people into the atmosphere.

3. Popular dance music

The style of dance music is diverse. Whether it is the rhythmic Disco or the popular dance music that is rich in melody, it is a good choice.

4. National music

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National music is often more open, and songs usually make people feel very sexy.

5. Bosnova

Posonova is a slow -board lyrical Latin American music. Bosnova has a simple and variety of melody tunes with its soft and complex cut rhythm, creating a quiet, fresh or lazy, ambiguous audio atmosphere. favorite.

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