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What should I do if Ichychomy itching on my hand?

Sometimes there are some small blisters on the fingers, often accompanied by a strong itching sensation. After a long time, peeling will occur, and even the fingerprints of the fingers become blurred. How to take care of when there is a small bubble in your hand?

What should I do if the long blisters on my hand are itchy?

1. Do a good job of disinfection

Don’t panic when you have blisters. First of all, what you have to do is to use disinfection pinholes, scissors, etc., piercing the blisters from the low blisters, and putting the water inside. Otherwise, it is easy to be infected, and the water inside should be cleaned, because the blisters are rich in inflammatory substances, which can easily cause infection.

2. Diet conditioning

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People with long water soaked can eat more foods that have more heat -clearing and water -rich and rough fiber, such as black beans, persimmon, and mung bean sprouts. The diet is mainly light. But do not eat those spicy and irritating foods and “hair products”, such as white, cream, chili (red, pointed, dried).

3. Skin care

If the child has blisters on the skin, parents should pay attention to nursing work. If the skin soaked in the lower layer is broken before regeneration, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the affected area immediately, and then bandage with a clean gauze. If the skin near the blisters appears red or swollen or blisters becomes purulent, it means that the skin in the blisters has already occurred, and the child should be taken to the hospital for treatment immediately.

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