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What should I do if men can’t get up?7 types of food to save impotence

When the husband and wife live, it is a very embarrassing thing if the man can’t harden it. How many men become confident because of impotence? How many husbands and wives also become dedicated because of men’s impotence? What should I do if men can’t get up? What can men eat to save impotence and can’t get up?


What should I do if men can’t get up? 7 types of food to save impotence

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Men can’t get up? 7 types of food to save you

1. Leek

Leeks are the aphrodisiac grass that has won the hearts of the people. It has the effects of nourishing kidney and essence, aphrodisiac and other effects. If men have sexual dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation and other issues.

2. Wolfberry

Wolfberry is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, carotene, zinc, vitamin B2, etc. It is a healthy medicine that can improve sexual function of men and women, and has good therapeutic effects on those with kidney deficiency.

3. loach

The loach is sweet and flat, has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing the kidneys, nourishing the kidney and nourishing essence, and is rich in protein. If adult men often eat, it will help nourish and strengthen the body.

4. Donkey meat

“Donkey meat is rolling, and the fairy stands unstable.” Donkey meat is not only delicious, but also a food with blood nourishing and nourishing qi, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac. It has a good effect on impotence and soft backache legs.

5. Sheep kidney

Sheep kidneys are rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron, protein, fat, vitamin A and other substances. They have the effects of impotence and kidney and kidney.

6. Litchi

Eating lychee helps to improve the sexual function of people. It has the treatment effect on diseases such as nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, and impotence. Patients with impotence are recommended to eat more litchi during the treatment, and can also be decocted with water.

7. Sparrow

The sparrow meat can nourish yin essence. It is a good product of the aphrodisiac. The sparrow stew soup and the sparrow soaking can all have a certain food therapy. They are both warm and strong.

Men can’t get up, related to 5 types of food

1. Smoke

Men smoke too much, which can easily cause poor penis blood circulation, which will affect penile erections. Therefore, smokers recommend quit smoking in time for their own sexual blessings.

2, wine

If men have the habit of alcoholism, it is easy to reduce the number ofrogen testosterone in the blood, cause sexual dysfunction, male erectile dysfunction, or may cause sperm deformity. Therefore, to prevent impotence, men should reduce alcohol intake.

3. Pickled food

Pickled foods contain impurities such as nitrite and nitrate. Eating often is not good for the body, which can not only cause male impotence, but also induces cancer.

4. Mold -changing food

It is recommended to throw away in time after moldy food, because mildew foods will produce a large amount of germs and romancin. Once they are eaten, they will be diarrhea and vomiting.

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5. Foods containing peroxy lipids

Oxygen is an unsaturated fatty acid peroxide that can damage some normal metabolic enzyme systems in the human body, prompting premature brain or dementia. Fried foods or biscuits, pastries, tea oil noodles, etc. are stored for too long, which will produce peroxyl lipids. It is recommended to eat less.

After many men have impotence, they often misunderstand advertising to buy aphrodisiac to eat, so as to quickly reply to their sexual abilities. In fact, sometimes food supplement is better than aphrodisiac pipes. If you really worry that the sexual dysfunction of your existence will affect fertility and life. It is recommended that patients with impotence actively seek medical treatment and seek help from a doctor.

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