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What should I do if my baby always bits the mother’s nipple?

I believe that a lot of mothers who have breastfeed for more than 5 months have experienced such experiences: You are holding a baby who eats milk and enjoy the joy of breastfeeding very comfortably. Suddenly, the pain on the nipples struck on the nipples, and you screamed almost lost control. He lowered his head and looked at it. It turned out that the little guy had just bite you. At this time, if the villain is not scared or scared by your scream, it is amazing by such a response, and he is looking at you with a smile!

If it is the latter case, it is estimated that you will rush into your heart. The first instinct reaction is to pull out the nipples and criticize the little guy fiercely. In fact, even if the baby is scared by your scream, you may be very angry: obviously you bit me, I hurt, what are you crying?

The consequences of this strong response of mothers are often contrary to their wishes

1. First of all, it cannot effectively prevent the baby from attacking again. Many babies are fun about the mother’s excessive reaction, thinking that this is a game, and since then I like to stimulate such a reaction. The nipples are very delicate organs, and they will be injured several times when they bite, which brings greater pain to feeding. Some mothers even give up breastfeeding.

2. Secondly, the consequence of more difficult to regulate is that the baby is frightened by the strong response of the mother, or because the mother’s pain and not understanding why the mother is so fierce to herself, she has the mothers. The term of refusal to eat milk in the sky is called “milk”.

Understand why the baby bite the nipples can make mothers better master how to prevent being bitten

1. The most common situation is that the baby is growing with teeth, the tooth bed itchy and painful, very uncomfortable, you ca n’t see what to bite; the soft nipples just make the tooth glue.

2. The rare situation is that if the baby’s milk posture is incorrect, the baby feels that he is not stable, and it is about to fall, and he will instinctively bite the nipple to prevent him from falling.

3. The very rare situation is those babies who are born with neurofenges. No matter what they encounter their mouths, they will instinctively “bite their teeth”; such babies start biting their nipples from their birth, instead of waiting until until they wait for until they are born, instead of waiting for until they are born, they will be bitten. After 5 months of long teeth, I bite.

Moms should remember such an important fact: a child who eats a positive milk will not bite the nipple. When bite, the baby has ended milk. Therefore, those mothers who have been bitten should pay attention to observation during the feeding process. When they see that the baby has eaten enough milk, swallowing the movement slowly, and starting entertaining sucking, you can try to pull out the nipples to prevent the baby from biting. Sometimes, the baby uses the nipple to tell the mother: I am full.

The other two methods are also more effective

1. Feeling the bite, insert the fingers between the nipples and the baby’s tooth bed, remove the nipples, and firmly say to the baby, “Don’t bite the mother.”

2. When being bitten, gently buckle your baby’s head to your breasts and block his nose. The baby will instinctively release his mouth because he suddenly finds that he cannot bite while breathing. After several times, the baby will understand that biting his mother will cause himself to be uncomfortable, and he will stop biting automatically.

Mom should pay attention to observation at the same time, what bite the nipple because of the baby. If you are long teeth, prepare some gum or grinding toys in the refrigerator, or freeze a banana. Usually give your baby more painful items that do not feel painful, and even let your baby bite these things enough before feeding Essence After bite and stop feeding, you should also let your baby bite these molars in time to alleviate the discomfort of your baby’s tooth bed. At the same time, you also tell your baby: you can’t bite the mother, but you can bite things.

Should tell the baby slowly: “Don’t bite mom, mother hurts”

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For those babies who bite their nipples, if they are only hyperactive muscle tension, it is recommended that the mother should take a warm bath or gently massage the baby’s limbs before feeding, and use hot and cold water to rub the baby’s face alternately. And strictly control the baby’s milk posture, and press the baby’s lower lip or chin firmly with your fingers to prevent the baby from gritting his teeth. During the breastfeeding process, pressing his hand on the baby’s chin will always make the baby more comfortable to eat.

If the situation of the teeth lasts for 6 to 8 weeks, you should immediately take your baby to the hospital for examination to see if there is a natural defect of neurosis.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Zhang Yumei)

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