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What should I do if my baby can’t cough?

Guide expert: Chief Physician Li Zengqing, Children’s Respiratory Specialty of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Keke! The weather became cold, and many children started coughing again. For little children, the old mothers were most afraid of their cough: “The child is so small, he will not sputum, and the sputum is snoring in his throat. ! “” There are too many sputum, doctors make atomization, but will there be side effects of atomization? “…

Cough is a common and complex defensive reflection activity in the respiratory system. With the help of cough, foreign bodies or mucus in the lungs and airways can be removed. But for some children of young men, they cannot cough out sputum like adults, and their own bronchials and bronchies are relatively narrow, which can easily accumulate sputum and germs into trachea and lungs.

So, what should I do if my baby coughs and sputum?

Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water can not only keep the oral and nasal mucosa moisturizing, relieve discomfort, but also dilute sputum, which is conducive to the excretion of viscous sputum. Therefore, when the baby coughs, parents can drink plenty of water for their children. In addition, breastfeeding, formula milk, liquid foods (such as porridge, soup), etc., are all ways to replenish liquids. For babies who have cough at the age of June, parents do not need to feed additional water. In addition to urging children to drink a small amount of water, parents can also allow children to eat some nutritious and more liquid foods during cough, such as meat porridge and broth. But pay attention to eating less sweets and cold drinks, because sweets and cold drinks are more likely to have sputum in terms of Chinese medicine.

Sign sputum

When the baby coughs with sputum, he can hold it up and pat his back to row the sputum. When patting his back, the parents hold one hand as an empty fist, and then in the baby’s front chest and back (that is, the position of the left and right lungs) from the bottom to Patfle in order, especially where the sputum of the baby’s back and the chest is more likely to accumulate. Patches it properly and vibrate to promote the loosening of sputum in the baby’s lungs and bronchies. The purpose of discharge phlegm. When shooting back, the parents should keep their hands empty, and use some efforts appropriately. Take 3-5 minutes on each side and shoot 2-3 times a day. Immediately after the sputum coughs, the sputum around the mouth is cleaned. If the baby does not cough out the sputum, but swallow it, don’t worry too much, because there are many digestive enzymes and acidic liquids in the digestive tract of the human body, which can also be destroyed. Cermia and removing foreign objects.


If the baby coughs constantly when he falls asleep, the parents can raise the head slightly and rotate to sleep on the left and right sides, which will help the baby’s breathing channel discharge and relieve cough symptoms.


When the baby coughs severe, he can inhale the cough method through the water vapor, and use the humid air to help it remove the lung mucus and calm down the cough. If the indoor air is relatively dry, you can put a pot of water in the room, or hang a wet towel, or you can use the humidifier appropriately. When using the humidifier, pay attention not to be too long. Or distilled water, do not directly inject tap water, so as not to volatilize the disinfection by -products in tap water to the air with the water mist. After long inhalation, it is easy to damage human health. Moreover , It is easy to block the spray micropores, affect the humidification effect and the life of the humidifier.

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Mistotherapy is a common method in the treatment of children’s respiratory disease. It is to disperse the drugs or particles suspended in the gas through the inhalation device. The drug is accumulated in the respiratory tract by inhalation. While reducing the dosage of the drug, the drug directly reaches the affected area, reducing the side effects of the drug, and has a significant curative effect. In the treatment of respiratory diseases, atomizing inhalation has become an important auxiliary therapy measure. Therefore, if there are more sputum and the baby can’t cough, you can use some drugs with expectorant effects under the guidance of the doctor to make the sputum adhesive to the bronchial mucosa to be diluted, and the cough moves. So as to reduce the effect of cough.

Finally, it should be reminded that if the child has a sound, dog barking cough, or a continuous cough when he breathe, you can also hear the sound of “嗬嗬” when inhaling. You should be vigilant and take your child to the hospital in time to ask a professional doctor for treatment to avoid delaying the condition.

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