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What should I do if my baby has eye shit?Parents don’t care!

The eyes are the windows of the soul. There is a pair of bright eyes that can add a lot of color to the baby. Once the eyes are damaged, it will be a very serious problem, so the protection of the children’s eyes cannot be ignored.

Recently, some mothers asked Xiaobian that her children woke up in the morning and often found that there were sticky eye feces in the corners of the eyes. What was caused by this?

In fact, the eye shit appears in the corner of the baby’s eyes. Many babies will have it. It is generally considered that the mother’s diet did not pay attention, which caused the child to get angry. In fact, in addition to the fire, it may be caused by laburch obstruction and bacterial infection.

Congenital laburus obstruction is a common ophthalmological disease. About 5 percent of babies will suffer from this disease. The specific manifestation is that the baby’s eyes will continue to cry, and secrete viscous or purulent secretions. If it is found and treated in time, it can ensure the health of the baby’s eyes. If it is not treated in time, it will cause the baby to suffer from the diseases of lacrimal sac fistula, corneal infection, or acute latenary cylinder, which will affect the healthy development of the eyes.

The eye shit caused by bacterial infection is manifested by the baby’s eyes congestion and redness. The cause of the eyes caused by this cause should attach great importance to it, because once the bacteria invade the baby’s eyes, it will breed in the tear sac Full of purulent substances, these substances cannot be excreted out of the corners of the eyes. If you do not go to the hospital in time, you will induce cornealitis and affect your baby’s vision development.

In order to avoid children’s vision, parents can take the following measures to remedy.

1. Improve your baby’s eating habits

Usually give babies to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, especially when the climate is relatively dry, the baby seems to have no thirst, and in fact, you need to replenish your baby on time. In addition, when adding supplementary food to the baby, the mother should pay attention to try not to give the baby greasy, fried, spicy foods to avoid getting angry.

2. Massage the baby according to the doctor’s suggestion

If the baby’s eyes are too much, the reason is that the mother needs to massage the baby according to the doctor’s advice. First let the baby lie on the bed, keep the baby’s head from moving, and press the abdomen of the index finger at the lowest point of the nose bridge, that is, the inner eye corner, and press the nostril evenly. Massage, repeated three to four times a day.

After two weeks, the baby’s situation will be relieved. If the situation is not relieved, the baby should be sent to the hospital in time.

3. Use the correct way to clean the eye shit

Eye feces are the secretions of the eyes. After generation, parents need to clean up in time to prevent the eyes from infection. Before cleaning up, the mother should wash my hand with soap or hand -toilet, and prepare a sterilized cotton swab to dip the physiological saline. If the mother uses breast milk, the effect will be better. After that, use a cotton swab to gently wipe the baby from the inside of the eyes to the outside of the eyes. Essence

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After wipe it, apply hot towels to apply the eyes to keep your eyes hot and keep your eyes moist. In addition, mothers can also use eye drops to the baby with the advice of the doctor. When using eye drops, let the baby’s eyes avoid light. When dripping, you can gently shake the baby. In the baby’s eyes.

In life, try to avoid the baby from rubbing his eyes directly with his hands. There are many bacteria in your baby’s hands. It is easier to enter the eyes and cause bacterial infections when wiping.

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