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What should I do if my baby is diarrhea after changing milk powder?These wonderful recruitment

Many novice mothers will encounter such a situation: I just changed the new milk powder for the baby, and suddenly I heard that the milk powder of a certain brand was better and nutritious, so she germinated the idea of ​​changing milk powder for the baby. However, after milk powder, some babies will appear on fire or diarrhea. So, what should I do if my baby changes milk powder to diarrhea? Take a look.

The main reason for the baby’s diarrhea to change the diarrhea is that the baby’s discomfort causes diarrhea and diarrhea. Everyone knows that the milk powder formula of each brand is different, and for the baby, the absorption and adaptability of the intestine are very single, and it takes time to adapt to a kind of milk powder. After adapting to this brand of milk powder, it will have a habitual dependence on this milk powder, and it is difficult to accept another kind of milk powder. The intestine is diarrhea and diarrhea because it can’t adapt. This is why the baby’s change of milk powder can cause diarrhea. It is not the quality problem of milk powder, but the formula of milk powder is different. The baby needs to re -adapt to it.

I do n’t know how to deal with the baby’s diarrhea? Learn from

(1) When the baby is replaced with other milk powder in the same paragraph, the baby often starts to add supplementary food, so mothers can eat some carrot mud or apple puree for the baby, which can help the baby relieve the milk powder and diarrhea. symptom.

(2) If the baby’s diarrhea is serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time. For professional doctors, you can also take drugs such as Mummy Love and Smecta under the guidance of a doctor to alleviate the symptoms of the baby’s diarrhea.

(3) After the baby’s diarrhea symptoms improve, it is recommended that parents and dads can take some children’s probiotics and other health products for their babies to help the baby enhance intestinal immunity and reduce the occurrence of gastrointestinal discomfort.

(4) It takes a little time to change the diarrhea to the baby to change the diarrhea. Moms and dads should observe for a few days to determine that the baby will not be diarrhea and then return to normal milk.

do you know? There are universities to ask the baby to change milk powder

Generally speaking, it takes about 2 weeks to turn the milk to the milk. The first time the milk should be transferred from the number of daily meals, and then the number of meals of milk transfer every few days until it is completely turned into new milk powder. In short, the baby’s constitution is different, and the steps of turning milk can also be appropriate because of person, and adjust it as appropriate.

specific method:

On the 1st to 3rd day, two-thirds of the old milk powder and one-third of the new milk powder are mixed for three days. From the 4th to 6th day, half of the new and old milk powder are mixed with half a mixing for three days.

On the 7th-9th day, two-thirds of the new milk powder plus one-third of the old milk powder mixed for three days. From the 10th day, you can give your baby all new milk powder.

Reminder: The process of turning milk should be gradual, and you should not decide quickly. And to change milk powder in the condition of the baby’s good spirit, healthy, and observe the baby’s stool during the conversion powder. At the same time, because of the diarrhea caused by changing milk powder, parents do n’t have to worry too much. Carefully read the labeling of the milk powder, and spread the milk powder and change milk powder according to the correct method.

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