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What should I do if my baby is diarrhea?Teach you to prevent tricks

Because the baby’s digestive function is not mature, diarrhea is likely to occur. Diagnosis not only allows the baby’s own nutrition to absorb it, but also adds a lot of dirty and lively to the parents. So how to prevent baby diarrhea?

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Measures for preventing baby diarrhea

1. Eat more milk iron protein

Milkinine is the main immune substance contained in breast milk, which has the effects of antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, and improving immunity. It has a good prevention effect on infant colds, diarrhea, hand, and mouth disease, mumps, perchitis, and diaper dermatitis. When choosing a formula milk powder for the baby, you can choose to add milk powder that adds milk iron protein. The composition of this milk powder is closer to breast milk, which can improve the baby’s resistance.

2. Eating diet

Do not give your baby overnight food, try to eat fresh and irritating foods as much as possible, and do not eat more fruits such as watermelon. Note that these do not have diarrhea. Try to give your baby hot, don’t be cold. Also pay attention to what the mother eats. Because many babies are still feeding through breast milk, what mother eats is likely to affect the baby’s health through breastfeeding.

3. Sleep habit

The reason for the baby’s diarrhea may also be because the baby’s habit of sleeping at night. Parents pay attention to covering the baby’s stomach to sleep at night. When the diarrhea can be used, it can be eaten as softer and rotten as possible, and usually drink some water.

4. Good hygiene habits

Parents should pay attention to the cleaning of their hands and disinfection of the bottle when taking care of their babies. Do not place the brewed milk for too long to avoid breeding bacteria. If you start to let your children ingest non -staple foods, remember to grasp the principles that start with a small amount and a small amount.

Even when the baby has diarrhea. As parents, we don’t have to worry too much. As long as we take care of it, the baby can spend this period safely. In addition, because the skin is delicate and diarrhea, if the stool is discharged from the diarrhea, it will stimulate the skin and inflammation, so parents should not forget that after the baby’s diarrhea, use warm water to clean the butt and keep the small butt dry.

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