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What should I do if my baby jaundice is high?Moms, remember three points

对于刚出生的新生儿来说,身体的各项免疫机制和各项机能都还没有发育完全,如果没有及时的进行保护,很容易会受到细菌或者是其他病毒的感染,尤其是在新生儿刚After a period of birth, you must do a detailed physical examination for your child in time. Then someone may not be clear. What should I do if the baby’s jaundice is high?

1. Different types of jaundice

If the newborn has a high jaundice, it should be detailed in time what type of jaundice belongs to, because jaundice can be divided into physiological and pathological, and it must be treated according to the specific condition to treat.

Second, targeted treatment

If the pathological jaundice is high, you can use blue light or take medicine for treatment. During this period, you must avoid entering the baby’s brain because the bilirubin is too high, otherwise it will easily cause children to bilotrocate encephalopathy. It will cause the child to cause lifelong disability, not only physical but also psychologically impact. If it is a physiological jaundice, you should usually take some oral fluids for conditioning.

Third, do not use medicines

If parents usually detect their children’s jaundice, they should first take their children to do liver function and hepatobiliary examination, because it is likely to be caused by abnormal liver. And you need to observe the baby’s physical condition at all times. During this period, if there are no professional personnel guidance, you must not blindly guess your own condition, or take any drugs blindly, because some drugs are not suitable for children. Pay more attention to keeping warm and supplement the nutrients needed for children’s physical development.

After reading the relevant introduction analysis above, I believe that everyone knows the main points of the high baby jaundice. The severe condition of the high jaundice of infant jaundice is mainly determined by the baby’s expression symptoms, but it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination and timely treatment control, otherwise the child’s physical damage is relatively large. Usually paying more attention to the exercise of dry babies can improve the body’s immune mechanism and resistance, and it also helps to recover from the disease.

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