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What should I do if my baby’s jaundice is high?Can jaundice be fed with breast milk?

Every parent wants their children to grow up healthy, but most of the children are bumpy on the road of growth. They are either physical injuries or physical diseases. Although they can be treated well During the uncomfortable period, parents were also uncomfortable, and they couldn’t wait to replace their children to suffer this crime. Soon after birth, it is most likely that the baby is most likely to have high jaundice. High jaundice is available in most babies, but parents want to know what to do if the baby’s jaundice is high?

One of the solutions to high jaundice: Blu -ray treatment

Blu -ray treatment is the most common treatment method in the hospital. This is because the baby’s body is relatively weak and it is not suitable for treatment. Therefore, it can only reduce jaundice value through physical treatment. The purpose of Blu -ray treatment is to illuminate the blue light into the blood of the baby. Blu -ray can be used to bilirubin through blood circulation, which can be reduced in a short period of time to achieve the purpose of decreased jaundice.

The second solution to the high jaundice: expose the sun more

Daning the sun is a kind of practice, but this method can solve the symptoms of jaundice on the baby. Although the sun does not necessarily make the baby’s jaundice completely disappear, it can reduce the baby’s physical pain and gradually make the baby’s body gradually healthy. What parents need to pay attention to is that they should choose a gentle period of the solar. Do not bask in the sun at noon or afternoon in the afternoon of the sun.

Solution of high jaundice: Persist in breast milk

The nutritional content of breast milk is very rich. During the jaundice during jaundice, the baby insisting on eating less meals can alleviate the symptoms of jaundice, and it can also enhance the immunity of the baby’s body and let the organs of the body develop gradually. If the baby is not fed with breast milk, the baby’s body will become worse and worse, and finally it is easy to catch a cold.

Now everyone should know what to do if the baby’s jaundice is high? Because the high jaundice is not a incurable disease, parents do not have to panic too much. As long as they take care of the doctor’s guidance, the baby’s body can be recovered completely in a certain period of time.

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