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What should I do if my body is eczema?With eczema, you need to avoid this move

Anyone who has eczema knows that it is a complicated and annoying disease. Once eczema occurs, patients will be restless because of itching problems. If you want to catch it, but you are afraid that the skin will have broken skin or bleeding due to your own pleasure. This process can be described as a very test of the patient’s willpower. So what should I do if my body is eczema?

Method of Treatment of Eczema I. Understand your own source of onset

The causes of eczema are different. Patients can think about what they have recently contacted or what they have eaten, and whether there are any allergies and the like in it, and then exclude them one by one. When you really can’t find something to contact, go directly to the hospital for an allergic source for examination, and the results will be more accurate. Patients can be used to medicine according to their own situation.

Treatment of eczema 2. Avoid intense exercise

People with eczema should avoid intense exercise, especially during the hot sun, and the intense exercise will cause sweaty body. When acidic sweat flows to the skin, it will not only cause itching, but also aggravate the condition. I believe many of these results do not want to see. In addition, strong ultraviolet rays also affect the restoration of the skin. Therefore, before the eczema recovered, all the intense exercise that goes out should be avoided.

Method of Treatment of Eczema III: Care for the skin

In addition to applying eczema ointment every day, people with eczema can make simple care for the skin when they have time. Note that the care here is not to apply a lot of skin care products, but to maintain the skin with targetedness, and choose natural moisturizing products. In this way, it can also avoid irritating sensitive skin, thereby aggravating the condition.

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Of course, people with eczema should try to improve their own resistance. In particular, people with poor intestines should be well -raised. In daily life, some ingredients that are easy to absorb and supplement can be supplemented, such as cauliflower, spinach, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, fish, lean meat, chicken, fungus, Huaishan, etc. Wait, you should avoid stimulating supplementary materials such as pepper and peppercorns. The lighter the taste, the better, until the condition recovers and then restore the normal diet.


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