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What should I do if my breast sags?2 action confrontation with the gravity

Each woman wants to have a devil -shaped figure, and up and down is the result that every woman wants to see.

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With age, many women’s breasts have begun to sag, especially women who have experienced breastfeeding. Women who pay more attention to personal appearance are troubled by such problems and want to adjust them in time. So what should I do if my breast sags?

Breast drooping can achieve the effect of assisting improvement through some simple actions. Of course, this process is relatively long, and it takes a long time to restore it gradually. What should I do if my breast sags? The recommended actions are as follows:

1. Bringe stretch

The body crawled on the ground, his arms were holding your chin, his knees were bent, his feet were clinging to the front as possible, stretched your arms backwards, and touched your feet as much as possible. In the whole process, do not separate your calves. The end result is to contact the ground with the abdominal muscles as the support force, and the head is leaning backwards. When this action is completed, you can obviously feel that the breasts are pulled around the breast. Two hands were pulled towards the legs and moved closer to the waist, and slowly exhaled and returned to the original state. This action is repeatedly operated three times a time, which can exercise the muscle tissue of the breast, which is helpful for restoring breast lines.

2. Kneel stretch

Kneeling on the ground, sitting on the calf with your thighs and hips, relaxed two hands, put it on your thigh, and then slowly raised your hands back. The arms straightened backwards to reach the limit as much as possible. The whole process is like a half -circle in the sky. When the palm and heels touch the heels, turn around the arm, stop when the arms reach the top of the head. But the muscle tissue of the breasts becomes tight, which is conducive to the treatment of breast sagging.

There are indeed many women who do this problem to do this problem. This problem is more common. If you want to improve slowly, you can practice the above -mentioned actions recommended. Of course, the effect varies from person to person. You can also do chest massage when you take a bath to help promote blood circulation around the chest and make your chest better and plump.

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