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What should I do if my lips are foaming?Teach you 5 tricks to relieve quickly

In daily life, many people will encounter small blisters on the corners of their mouths. It hurts when you touch your lips and make people feel uncomfortable to eat and drink water, which seriously affects life and work. How is it caused by baking lips? Is there any way to relieve it?


Fire can cause lips to bubble

The corner of the mouth is a manifestation of herpes. Traditional Chinese medicine is called “getting angry”, which is better at lips and corners. It is often because of lack of sleep, depression, nervousness and anxiety due to the fever or the body’s fatigue at a certain stage, excessive physical consumption, and insufficient supply of various nutrients in the body. Waiting for the factors, the immunity decreases, and the herpes virus lurking in the body reproduce a large amount, resulting in bubbles in the corner of the mouth and the hair glass starts to have a burning feeling, and then the foam and erosion of water.

In addition to the foaming, there are full -day or sunburn or fever. Because of acute gastroenteritis or other infections, mental stress or body, physical stimulation lips, menstrual period, cold weather.

5 move quickly to relieve the symptoms of bubble lips

The first move: drug treatment

If the fire on the lips is not serious, or just getting the foam just now, it is usually itchy at this time, which is a good time for treatment. At this time, as long as you wipe some toothpaste on the affected area every night before going to bed, it can play a good role in anti -inflammatory and pain relief. Or you can apply erythromycin eye ointment to the affected area. This ointment has a sterilization and anti -inflammatory effect, and has a good treatment effect on the long bubbles of the lips.

Second trick: Drink plenty of water

Develop the habit of drinking plenty of water in daily life, because water is a carrier of detoxification, and only drinking water can exclude various garbage toxins in the body. Many times the accumulation of garbage toxins is the main reason for our fire, especially in the dry season. If you don’t pay attention to drinking more water, the dry climate can easily cause the human body to get angry. Therefore, drink plenty of boiled water every day.

The third trick: a light diet

The light diet can not only effectively treat lips, but also prevent the fire. Some people with fire physical fitness should eat as much as possible in their lives, as possible, and pear, jujube, etc. These foods have good fire effects.

Fourth trick: hot compress

If the lips can be used to use hot compresses before going to bed at night, apply the blisters on the mouth with a hot towel, this method can effectively reduce the redness of redness. And hot compresses can also speed up the blood circulation near the mouth, which helps the blisters to dissipate as soon as possible.

Fifth trick: Guarantee sleep

Fire is mostly caused by less sleep. Therefore, to ensure good sleep, it is best to add a nap for half an hour at noon. When there is no nap, you can listen to some slow rhythm or close your eyes to help the brain recover fatigue and make the afternoon energy more energy.

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