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What should I do if my moldy vaginitis is always recur after the same room

Moomal vaginitis usually refers to the vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease. After the recurrence of vulva vaginal fake silk yeast disease, recurrence can be treated by diet conditioning and drug treatment.

1. Diet conditioning: In daily life, patients should also pay attention to light food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and strengthen physical exercise, which can improve physical immunity and prevent disease recurrence.2. Drug therapy: Patients can also perform drug intervention treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Commonly used drugs include clingerzole suppository and fluoronazole.After medication, the symptoms will be significantly improved. Generally, it is necessary to consolidate for about a week to prevent the vulva vaginal fake silk yeast disease recurrence.After the symptoms are obviously improved, lactic acid bacteria can be supplemented to restore the local environment.This is easier to heal.3. Pay attention to whether men are carrying this infected germs.You can also use clingezole for treatment.

In daily life, pay attention to the cleaning of the external vulva, maintain local drying, change the underwear, avoid sexual life as much as possible during treatment, so as not to cause the disease to worsen.

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