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What should I do if my ovarian cancer is not controlled

Ovarian cancer’s ascites can not be treated for treatment through puncture drainage, radioactive treatment, surgery and other methods.

Patients in the middle and advanced ovarian cancer may cause ascites, and a small amount of ascites can not be treated temporarily without severe physical discomfort.However, if there are patients with severe abdominal distension or abdominal pain, they can be controlled by puncture and drainage.The highest probability of ascites in the advanced period of ovarian cancer is mainly due to the infiltration and diffusion with cancer cells.For lymphocytes, the growth of cancer cells in lymph tissue can cause lymphatic catheter clogging, which causes lymphatic fluid to return to the ascites.In essence to solve the symptoms of ascites and perform cancer cell control, the cancer cells have spread, and cancer cell control can be performed by radioactive treatment or chemical therapy.Or tumor resection through surgery can effectively alleviate the symptoms of ascites.Pelvic and peritoneal tumors or advanced tumors are common. Ovarian ascites are mainly caused by the following three factors: first, the proliferation and increase of cancer cells on the surface of the peritoneal, resulting in an increase in the area of the peritoneal.The peritoneal itself has the function of secreting ascites and leads to ascites.Secondly, cancer has malignant diseases and malnutrition, reduces the permeability of blood vessels, exudes water from the blood vessels, and enters the abdominal cavity to form ascites.In addition, there are some factors, including advanced stages. Due to cancer cell compression, the lymphatic system and venous system cannot be fully recovered, which will cause ascites.

Patients should develop regular work and rest time, rest more to avoid fatigue.After the condition is stable, patients can perform appropriate physical exercise according to their physical tolerance.After chemotherapy, the patient’s weak response was obvious, and the family members needed proper accompanying accidents to avoid falling. Radiotherapy patients may have local rashes.In daily life, you should wear loose clothes to avoid friction here and avoid skin damage.Patients can eat more plant estrogen products such as soybeans and tofu.Patients should eat more high -protein, high calories and digestive foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to accelerate wound healing.

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