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What should I do if pregnant women have a cold and cough?

What should I do if pregnant women have a cold and cough? This is a headache for many expectant mothers. Of course, the most direct treatment method of cold and cough is to take medication, but drugs often have an impact on the fetus. Therefore, medication must be performed under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy. drug.

Generally, pregnant women have a cold and cough, and they need to be treated in several cases

1. If a pregnant woman has a cold, but does not have a fever, or if the body temperature does not exceed 38 degrees when fever, it can not be treated, and it will not affect the fetus. If pregnant women have symptoms such as cough, use some medicines that will not affect the fetus under the guidance of a doctor.

2. If the pregnant woman has a cold and cough, the high fever is more than 39 degrees, and it lasts for more than 3 days. It can be treated in two cases. In the first case, if the pregnant woman with a cold is within 2 weeks after ovulation, the medication may have no effect on the fetus. In the second case, if the pregnant woman with a cold is more than 2 weeks of ovulation, during this period, the central nervous nerve of the fetus has begun to develop, and the high fever of pregnant women may affect the fetus for 39 degrees. It will definitely affect the fetus; if the high fever is 40 degrees for more than 1 day, it will definitely affect the fetus. If the above situation occurs, doctors may persuade pregnant women to terminate their pregnancy.

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Experts emphasize that there is no enough clinical to prove that pregnant women will definitely have an impact on the fetus after the continued high fever (data existing data through animal experiments). Therefore, at this time, doctors may tell the fetus that the fetus may be damaged through the analysis of the condition and medication, and put forward suggestions that the pregnant woman and family will decide whether to terminate the pregnancy.

How do expectant mothers prevent colds?

Pregnant women should not have a cold during pregnancy, so expectant mothers should be less in public places; strengthen nutrition; ensure sleep; try to contact patients with colds as possible to reduce the chance of infection.

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