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What should I do if the girl is pregnant

1. Tell the most trusted person.

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Perhaps every unmarried girl has experienced a kind of panic and pain when she admits that she is pregnant. But opposite to what you imagine, most parents respond to the news very positive. Although they will be shocked and angry at the beginning, in the end, they will understand your distress and understand that you need help, because they love you the most, so it must be the first person to reach out to you. If they think that unmarried pregnancy is guilty, then most parents acknowledge that the worry and fear that pregnancy brings to you is sufficient punishment. Therefore, let up the courage to tell them.

2. Accept the guidance of a doctor.

All pregnant women, especially young girls, need to take care of it carefully, so it is a risk for pregnancy. The better you get medical care, the better, or you can’t face your parents, you should also tell your doctor.

Many girls think that it is not a way to tell doctors. The doctor is just an unfamiliar person who confess to them how embarrassing them. In fact, the injury requires the doctor’s care and psychological counseling, and the doctor needs to help you reduce anxiety and make a decision.

3. Perform labor abortion as soon as possible.

Abortion is also called artificial abortion, the purpose is to stop pregnancy. The sooner the abortion is safer, if the pregnancy is less than three months, the operation is relatively simple. After the surgery is underway, it can be restored for a few days to rest. However, if the fetus has been more than three months, the situation is much more complicated, the surgery is correspondingly complicated, and the harm to the person will increase.

4. Carefully recuperate the body after surgery.

Do not do physical work after abortion, stop any strenuous exercise within three days.

If severe bleeding, vomiting, high fever, shade DAO excretion, or gastric pain, you should immediately find a doctor for treatment.

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The use of cotton strips for two or three weeks.

If more severe bleeding and cramps occur on the third day after surgery, you should find a doctor for treatment immediately.

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