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What should I do if the testicular development of one side?Find 3 causes of the cause of the disease right medicine

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Most male friends are often troubled by some male diseases that occur during growth. There is a dysplasia of one side of the body, which is the pain that many men can say.

The testicular development of one side, the two major hazards will affect male fertility!

Tian Long, deputy chief physician of the Urology Department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, said that if the testicular development of the male side is poor, there will be two obvious hazards, one is the male hormone obstacles, and the other is sperm disorder.


Most androgens can be produced in the testicles. These androgens can be separated from the testicular tissue of the primitive hormone that can promote the development of male secondary sexual characteristics and reproductive organs, namely testosterone. Therefore, if the testicular development of the male side is abnormal, the testosterone is separated by the split amplitude in the testicles, which hinders the development of men’s second sexual characteristics and even the development of reproductive organs. Tian Long pointed out that therogens can also be influenced and stimulated the reproductive organs to stimulate human sexual desire to increase and increase sexual excitement. If the testicular development of one side is abnormal, it will cause reducedrogens, which will cause low sexual desire. Sometimes it will cause symptoms of sexual dysfunction, and severe fertility ability will be limited.

Sperm disorder

Sperm is generated in the testicles, and abnormal testicular development of one side will cause the number of sperm to reduce the number of sperm. At the same time, it will increase the probability of malformed sperm. The deformed sperm reaches a certain amount, and the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby will decrease.

How to treat the dangers of dysplasia on one side of testicular?

Tian Long believes that the treatment of the disease must be found first, so that the problem can be fundamentally solved–

1. Abnormal secretion: abnormal secretion caused by some factors, leading to abnormal development of testicles. Through reverse these factors, it can be corrected. For example, Kaman syndrome is due to abnormal gonad hormone secretion, which causes abnormal testicles, which is usually accompanied by a lack of smell.

In addition, the growth and development of testicles cannot be separated from the regulation and control of the hypothalamus and pituitary. If there is a problem with the hypothalamus or pituitary, the secretion signal of the stimulus required for the testicular will be reduced, and the testicular development will be stagnant. Therefore, for this type of testicular development abnormal, we can reverse these factors through endocrine and drugs, so that testicles can grow healthily.

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2. Cultivation test: Diseases such as cryptor test can be corrected by acquired factors. If it is not corrected for a long time, it will cause the testicular development abnormalities. Therefore The position is dropped so that the testicular development can return to normal.

3. Genetic factors: For example, the testicular development caused by chromosomes is difficult to get treatment due to the abnormal testicular development caused by chromosomes, but although the azoa caused by it has a way in our later treatment, it is responsible. It is also quite challenging.

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