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What should I do if the thermometer breaks the mercury and can’t find the mercury

The thermometer shattered the mercury and could not find the generally recommended ventilation or sulfur powder.

After the mercury thermometer is damaged, it is collected in time to collect scattered mercury.You can use a piece of paper to clean up the scattered mercury, collect it, put it in a sealed container, and then discard it in a suitable place.After the mercury thermometer is damaged, if you cannot find mercury, you should open the doors and windows to ventilate in time, and mercury can easily evaporate into mercury vapor.If the ventilation is not timely, mercury poisoning will also occur after the human body inhale mercury steam.If there is no way to find mercury, collect and discard, it should be ventilated for a long time, and people should leave the environment.Generally, if mercury vapor is scattered, it will not have obvious damage to the human body.In addition, sulfur powder can also be sprayed in the place where mercury is scattered to form mercury sulfide. It is not easy to volatilize and will not inhale the human body.However, the indoor floor cannot be cleaned with a mop, rag or vacuum cleaner. It should immediately find the place where the sand covers the mercury thermometer, and then sweep the ground with a broom.The room damaged by the mercury thermometer should be as uninhabited as possible within 24 hours, and the mercury content in the mercury thermometer is very low.After the above treatment, it usually does not cause harm to the human body, and there is no need to overly anxiety.

If mercury poisoning occurs after the mercury thermometer is damaged, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.The characteristics of acute mercury poisoning are the symptoms of multiple systems, including dizziness, headache, bleeding of gums, and nausea. The symptoms of mild chronic mercury poisoning are forgetfulness, dreams and palpitations.When the disease develops to a certain degree, it can be manifested as physical tremor, accompanied by symptoms such as decreased intelligence and insomnia.

It is recommended to leave a toxic environment or lavage after the thermometer is broken. If the inhaled mercury vapor or the dust of mercury compounds is recommended, it is recommended that the patient immediately leave the poisoning scene and change clothes.After general treatment, mercury excretion should be given as soon as possible. The commonly used drugs are sodium pyropate sodium.

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