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The treatment methods of mycoplasma pneumonia are weakly positive, including anti -infective treatment, symptomatic support treatment, and exercise therapy.

1. Anti -infection treatment: According to the severity of the condition, oral or venous injection of large ring ester antibiotics, such as Azithromycin, erythromycin, etc.2. Symptoms: Children with cough can use cough and expectorant, such as Philips.When the cough is severe, it can be treated.Some children may have fever symptoms. When the body temperature is higher than 38.5 ° C, it is necessary to take ibuprofen and solve thermal drugs such as acetaminol.3. Sports therapy: First, persist in jogging, or do endurance exercise training, such as swimming and kick.Pay attention to regulating breathing during exercise, gradually increase and deepen breathing, and improve the efficiency and function of lung respiratory.Secondly, insisting on doing some chest expansion exercises every day to improve the strength of the chest muscles, which can expand the chest capacity and increase breathing depth.Third, you can use the method of regulating breathing.In the environment of fresh air, slowly inhale for 4 to 5 seconds to absorb sufficient oxygen in the lungs; slowly exhale and practice for 5 to 8 minutes; in addition, often blowing whistle can also increase lung capacity.

Children with weak and positive mycoplasma pneumonia should pay attention to in daily life: First, pay attention to rest, keep warm, avoid cold, and prevent various infections.Secondly, the light diet is easy to digest, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, avoid spicy, sour, spicy, fried food, eggs, fish, shrimp and other foods that can easily induce asthma.Reasonable, rich nutrition, proper proportion, suitable for digestion and absorption.Third, keep a pleasant and optimistic emotion, and avoid mental stimulation and tension.Then, stay away from exogenous allergens, such as mattresses, pillows, birds, animals, animals, wood, sugar processing, mushroom breeding, cheese, wine processing, moldy straw, quilts, pillows, birds full of flowers and plants, which can easily cause allergiesAnimal water sources and pesticides or herbicides.Finally, do respiratory exercise, abdominal breathing, enhance lung function, and exercise respiratory muscles.

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