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What should I eat before the elderly body test?

It is said that raising children to prevent the elderly, and now I do n’t want to pass. The quality of life is rising. Children not only have to let old parents eat and warm, but also make their lives happier and healthier. Therefore, every year they bring their parents to a regular medical examination institution for a health check. If the various items are normal, everyone is happy. If they find discomfort, treat them as soon as possible, save effort and effort, and make their children feel practical.

Special reminder: As the digestive system of the elderly is gradually degraded, if you eat what you should not eat before the medical examination, it will have a great impact on the results of the medical examination. Therefore, it is best to understand what to eat before the elderly human body examination.

What should I eat before the elderly body test?

Three days before the medical examination, the elderly should avoid eating high sugar and high -fat food. These foods can stimulate the rise in insulin levels in the body, leading to metabolism such as protein, fat, thermal energy, and carbohydrates in the body, which eventually leads to rising blood sugar. After eating high -sugar food for physical examination, blood pressure, blood lipids, cholesterol and other results will be results. Caused a great impact. Therefore, it is best to eat some light food before the medical examination.

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The results of the physical examination of middle -aged and elderly people are exercise, emotions and sleep before the physical examination. Before the medical examination, in addition to not eating high sugar, high -fat foods, can not do severe exercise, keep a good mentality, ensure good sleep, and ensure good sleep. So as not to make the physical examination report distortion.

After knowing what the elderly human physical examination is to eat, do you still want to guide the elderly’s physical examination what are the preparations or how much money? If so, please click directly to consult our online experts, and they will make a detailed answer for you.

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