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What should I eat for skin allergies?Prevention and treatment of skin allergies.

What should I eat for skin allergies? Skin allergies are one of the common symptoms of skin diseases. The onset of skin allergies has a certain relationship with the environment and diet. In addition to the use of anti -allergic drugs, the treatment of skin allergies can also be conditioned by diet. So what foods are suitable for patients with skin allergies?

1. Drink more honey water in skin allergies

Honey can effectively avoid pollen allergies, and also prevent allergic symptoms such as asthma, itching, cough, and dry eyes. Because honey contains a certain amount of pollen particles, drinking often has resistance to pollen allergies. Secondly, honey contains trace bee toxic. Bee venom is a toxic liquid in the bee. It is often used clinically to treat allergic diseases such as bronchial asthma, so it can effectively prevent allergies.

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2. Skin allergies Try Mican Chilou Decoction

Composition: 30 grams each of Men and Chilou. Method: Boil rice nordic and red beans with an appropriate amount of water, add an appropriate amount of sugar, take it twice a day, and serve for one month. Function: clear heat, water, dehumidification, for eczema, skin allergic itching.

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