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What should I eat with breast cancer?Pay attention to 4 points of breast cancer diet conditioning

Breast cancer is one of the malignant tumors for women’s high incidence, which seriously endangers the health of women. If you are unfortunately suffering from breast cancer, in addition to actively cooperating with doctors, you need to do a good job of diet. What should I eat with breast cancer?

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1. Eat more foods with anti -cancer effects


Turtle, mushrooms, black fungus, garlic, seaweed, royal jelly and other foods all have good anti -cancer effects, and help supplement nutrition. It is suitable for patients with weak qi and weakness after chemotherapy.

2. Add more protein

Eat more protein -rich foods in daily diet, such as milk, eggs, soy products, etc. can be eaten every day, which helps improve human body resistance. The protein metabolism in the body may be disordered after radiotherapy. At this time, you need to eat more milk and eggs.

3. Supplement vitamin A, vitamin C


Vitamin A helps reduce the opportunity of cellular discharge and diffusion. Vitamin C helps to relieve the symptoms caused by radioactive damage, and also help improve the level of leukocyte. Therefore, patients with chemotherapy and chemotherapy of breast cancer should pay attention to supplement vitamins. , Bean and animal organs, you can use sesame oil.

4. Proper heat supplement

The sugar metabolism in patients with radiotherapy will be greatly affected and even affects insulin function. Therefore, especially during radiotherapy, you must pay attention to supplementing sugar and energy. You can eat more foods with high sugar content such as honey, rice, potato and other sugar content. Supplement heat.

In addition, patients with radiotherapy or chemotherapy can eat more cold food and cold drinks, but if it is patients with cold stomach, it is best to eat more warm food.

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