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What should I pay attention to during confinement?

I will always hear in life that I have to confine, or they will fall into a disease in the future. The editor sorted out some things to pay attention to during confinement and shared it with everyone.


The indoor temperature is kept at 20-26 ° C, which is a temperature that the human body feels comfortable. Using air conditioners and electric fans, it is possible to turn on the windows and open the windows. The humidity is about 50%to 60%. Wearing long sleeves, trousers, and socks, it is advisable to feel comfortable with the maternal feeling, avoid cold, cold, or make the joints be windy, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold and cold Wet invasion.

Moderate work

Moderate labor and rest are helpful for the discharge of lochia, bones and figures. When the maternal feels weak after production, it should be rest more in bed. Do not get up for more than half an hour. When the physical strength is gradually recovered, the time can be pulled slightly. The time is limited to 1 hour to 2 hours to avoid standing for a long time to avoid standing for a long time standing up. , Sit and squat, leading to backache, back pain, leg acid, pain of knee ankle joints, and uterine prolapse.

Pay attention to cleaning

If possible, shower regularly to keep it clean and avoid inflammation of bacterial infections. In ancient times, due to the simple environment, the water quality was not clean enough and the lack of shower conditions, there was a saying that it could not touch the water. Wash your hair, use warm water in the bath water. After washing your hair, you should dry your hair with a dry towel in time. Do not wash your hair and bath with cold water. Do not take a bath during confinement.

Adjust the diet

There is no difference between each person in the first three items, and there is a difference in personal constitution in diet, and it should be different. Furthermore, postpartum exposure and breastfeeding may have unsmooth situations, or have colds, headaches, oral breaks, skin, skin, skin, skin, skin, and skin Itching, stomach pain and other diseases occur, diet and drugs must change. The diet of confinement is still mainly temperature supplement. For special situations, you can consult a doctor.

The editor sorted out several foods that need to be taboo:

1. You cannot eat cold food.

Regardless of whether the weather is hot, Baoma should not eat cold things during the puerbarium, otherwise it will affect the dew pyramids of the lower body and fall into a problem.

2. Spicy stimuli cannot be eaten.

The internal fire will make the woman become extremely hot, the body is sore, and the gastrointestinal function will be affected.

3. Dividencies cannot be eaten.

Women have little exercise during puerperium, and gastrointestinal motility is slow, and difficult to digest things can cause poor bowel movements, which is not conducive to wound recovery.

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4, too salty things cannot be eaten.

Foods with high salt content can change the balance of water and salt in the body, causing maternal puffiness.

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