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What should I pay attention to unmarried women to see gynecology

When an unmarried woman went to see gynecology, she must feel that a lot of eyes stared at her and made her feel helpless. In fact, this was her own wishful thinking. Unmarried women, if they are unwell, must check in time to avoid deterioration. However, there are some things that unmarried women need to pay attention to when looking at gynecology. Let’s know what to pay attention to when unmarried women pay attention to gynecology.

1. Treat the doctor’s consultation carefully

If you go to see gynecology, there will be a doctor who ask you some related issues. If there are irregular menstruation, abnormal leucorrhea, or sexual behavior, these are difficult for unmarried women. It was concealed, but this was very unfavorable to diagnosis. If you really feel that if you ca n’t say it, find a specially believed girlfriend to accompany you to check it, it is best to tell her the truth first. She can also help you answer some related questions and add courage to you.

2. Checking method varies from person to person

For sexual behaviors with sexual behaviors, gynecological examinations are to discover the lesions through the diagnosis of internal and external vagina. For those women who are still virgins, they will take other methods to ensure the damage of the hymen. Therefore There are sexual behaviors, so that doctors can use correct and effective methods to check your body for you.

Third, excessive cleaning is harmful

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Do not test a small amount of liquid or cells in the vagina before testing before the examination. If it is washed too clean before the examination, it is difficult to find the bacteria attached to the surface, which causes the diagnosis vaginal. In addition, the transitional cleaning vagina may be destroyed by nature, which can easily cause infection.

If you are one of the unmarried women, you now encounter gynecological problems, don’t be afraid of gossip, you are really good, hurry up to do a gynecological examination, remember the issues that unmarried women should pay attention to gynecology, and strive to be the shortest. Let yourself recover your health in time.

(Editor in charge: Wang Huiming Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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