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What should I pay attention to when children’s bronchitis diet?

When children suffer from bronchitis, most of them will affect their children’s gastrointestinal function. Therefore, parents try to feed their babies as much as possible to digest and rich nutrients without having to do too much.

Some parents are afraid of the excessive taboo of bronchitis to aggravate the condition. In fact, the baby is in the growth stage of growth and the consumption of nutrients at the time of illness.enter.

At the same time, during the baby’s illness, be careful not to eat too much “hot” foods, such as roasted meat and chicken.It is not advisable to eat too much sweets when suffering from bronchitis, because sweets in the acute phase of bronchitis can stimulate mucus secretion, increase the baby’s sputum, and is not conducive to the baby’s condition repair.

Experts remind that parents cannot control their children’s diet because they are bitten by snakes, ten years are afraid of well rope. They do not eat milk or meat when they have cough., Baby can eat normally after healing.

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