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What should infertile men check?

Nowadays, due to the increase in work pressure and the acceleration of life rhythm. Many male friends have infertility, causing many factors that cause male infertility, but most men can be fully recovered after treatment. Let ’s take a look at the items that male infertility to check.

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1. Routine semen examination: Many infertility patients are caused by abnormal sperm, such as dead sperm, less essence, and non -essence.

2. Biochemical examination: Whether sperm occurs abnormal due to inflammation. This is also more common in infertility men’s examinations.

3. Microbial examination related to male infertility: also an important examination.

4. Endocrine examination related to men: Men’s endocrine irregularities are also an important cause of infertility.

5. Genetic examination related to male infertility

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6. Prostate liquid examination: Prostatitis is one of the causes of the highest incidence of men leading to infertility.

For infertile men’s examination, the most important thing is to check semen. If the results of the semen are not “ideal”, the couple are not completely without a chance, but the chance will be greatly reduced. It is recommended that male friends go to regular experts for further consultation and examination, which may find the factor of pathogenic, such as the congenital development of genitals, the whole body consumer disease, the genital tuberculosis, the chronic poisoning, the history of the mumps, and the iconic vein song, etc. Sperm causes disorders or obstruction of vasters, etc., should be treated symptomatically in a timely manner.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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