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What should parents do when the baby is attacked by pneumonia?

Guidance: Director Li Zengqing, chief physician of the pediatric department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. Due to the special physiological structure of the child, the nasal throat channel is short, which is likely to cause external germs to directly invade the trachea, bronchium, and the lungs. It is easy to be “favored” of pneumonia. Once pneumonia occurs, if it is not treated in a timely, standardized, and thorough treatment, it may cause repeated or intensifying the condition, and even induce other complications, such as cardiac failure, pydogllaries, lung abscess, myocarditis, or poisoning encephalitis Wait, there are some rapid progress in pneumonia that can even threaten children’s life. Therefore, when hear pneumonia, many parents are all kinds of fear. So, what problems are you concerned about pediatric pneumonia?

Without cough or fever, don’t worry about your baby is pneumonia?

Most of the pediatric pneumonia is accompanied by fever. This fever is often repeated and difficult to drop. It lasts longer, and when pneumonia is suffering from pneumonia, the alveoli is full of liquid or secretions. Most children will have a severe cough. Even coughing “can’t breathe”. When the baby is quiet, when the parents are close to the chest wall on both sides of the baby’s back, they can also hear the sound of “grunting”. Is there no need to worry about pneumonia without cough or fever? In fact, it is not. Usually the younger baby, the less obvious their pneumonia performance may be. There are some newborn babies. When they get pneumonia, they may not show fever. Poor, nasal congestion, milk, vomiting bubbles in the mouth, turbulent mouth, breathing, and even moaning. Therefore, even if the baby does not have a fever and a severe cough, when the baby finds a different manifestation from usual, parents should be vigilant and take the baby to consult a doctor.

Cold and cough will become pneumonia?

Clinically, the cause of coughing is the upper respiratory tract infection. Generally, the cough caused by a cold is relatively mild, and the lungs cannot hear the sound, and the cough will disappear with the cure of the cold. Ordinary colds and coughs are not enough to progress to pneumonia. Only a few germs with strong poisonous power have been invaded due to poor control, and they can develop into the bronchial, bronchial and lungs, or children. pneumonia.

Do I have to use antibiotics?

There are many types of pneumonia. According to the classification of the cause, it can be divided into viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, mycoplasma pneumonia, chlamydia pneumonia, raw insect pneumonia, fungal pneumonia, and pneumonia caused by non -infectious causes (such as inhaled pneumonia, allergic pneumonia, allergic pneumonia, Wait), in terms of treatment, not all pneumonia must use antibiotics, such as simple viral pneumonia. It does not need to be used by antibiotics. It can be treated with antiviral drugs. In addition, parents need to be reminded that the use of broad -spectrum antibiotics for too long can also induce the occurrence of pearl phobium pneumonia, so do not abuse antibiotics without authorization.

What care can parents do well after the baby is unfortunately suffering from pneumonia?

In diet, because children’s appetite is poor during the illness, and there is more ability to consume. Therefore, children who need to strengthen children’s diet, breastfeeding or mixed feeding children continue to maintain the original feeding method. Easy -to -digest liquid or semi -current diet, such as noodles and soup. During the illness, the child is told to drink plenty of water to make the sticky sputum diluted and cough out of the body. If the baby coughs severe when sleeping at night, he can raise his head slightly and rotate to sleep on the left and right sides to facilitate the discharge of the breath and relieve cough symptoms. Then there is to pay attention to cooling down during the heat, and pay more attention to the mental state of the child. Once abnormalities are found, you should ask the doctor for help in time. (Correspondent: Peng Wenbin Lin Huifang)

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