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What should the old people pay attention to?Don’t forget these eleven o’clock

Once the elderly do not pay attention to diet, some health problems are prone to occur. So what should the old people pay attention to? Friends with elderly people at home must see!

1. Food should be mixed

Protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals and water are the six major nutrients necessary for the human body. These nutrients exist in various foods. To balance nutrition to maintain good health, all kinds of food should be eaten a little.

2. More vegetables

We always heard that the older the old man is older, the more like a child. In fact, this will be reflected in eating. The elderly generally do not like vegetables like children. Everyone must pay attention to this.

Because vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals, it is very good for the cardiovascular of the elderly. Many elderly people have constipation problems. Eat more vegetables to relieve it. It is best to eat 250 grams of vegetables daily.

Third, the quality should be high

Taking protein as an example, common milk, eggs, tofu, meat, etc. can provide rich high -quality protein for the elderly. In terms of meat selection, it is recommended to eat more fish and shrimp.

Fourth, fruits and vegetables should be fresh

Bright colored fruits and vegetables often contain more antioxidant substances, which can regulate immunity and prevent chronic diseases. Purple vegetables are rich in anthocyanins, such as eggplant; green vegetables are rich in chlorophyll and lutein, such as spinach.

5. Drink water should be Qin

The sensitivity of the elderly to thirst declines, so it is necessary to develop the habit of consciously drinking water. Daily diet should be matched with porridge, soup, soymilk, milk, etc. In addition, replenish 900 ~ 1200 ml of water and tea separately.

Six, the quantity should be less

Do not eat too much for the elderly. Eating too much can increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines, causing abdominal distension discomfort and indigestion. In severe cases, it can also lead to a sudden emergencies such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Due to excessive nutritional intake, it leads to excess nutrition, which induce or aggravate senile diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, affecting health and longevity. Therefore, it is advisable to eat seven or eight points per meal for the elderly.

Seven, meals should be exquisite

The production of the elderly should be more refined, focusing on color, fragrance, taste, and shape.

8. Soft food

The teeth of the elderly often loosen and fall off, the chewing muscles become weakened, the amount of digestive fluid and digestive enzyme secretion decreases, and the gastrointestinal digestive function is reduced. Therefore, the meal should be softened.

Nine, diet should be hot

The best digestion and absorption of food is carried out at the temperature near the body temperature. Therefore, a warm diet is most suitable for people of the previous age.

10. Eating speed should be slow

Chewing slow pharyng is conducive to ensuring the crushing effect of food and stomach health, and it is also conducive to digestion and absorption.

Eleven, the taste should be light

Many elderly people like to eat heavy flavors. When they get older, they seem to be degraded about the taste, so they always love to add a lot of salt. To help the elderly control, 6 grams of salt every day is enough.

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