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What should women pay attention to in medical examinations?Precautions before female medical examinations

What are the precautions for female medical examinations? Women should do a medical examination at least once a year. The physical examination can help investigate hidden dangers of the disease and better understand the physical condition. So what do women need special attention before the medical examination?

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Precautions before female medical examinations

1. The morning of the women’s medical examination should be fast and ban on water

For women without basic diseases, do not eat anymore one night before the physical examination. However, if you have chronic diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., you can use boiling water to take medicine before blood drawing. Diabetes patients are taken after blood collection. Caused adverse reactions.

2. Pay attention to rest the day before the medical examination of women to avoid strenuous exercise

Pay attention to rest the day before the medical examination, keep emotional stability, do not drink strong tea, coffee and other drinks before going to bed, so as not to affect the cardiovascular system and make the physical examination results deviation.

3. Women’s physical examination should wear loose clothes on the day

It is best to wear loose clothes during physical examinations, such as sportswear, etc., clothes, pantyhose and other clothes will affect the body, and it is also inconvenient to be inconvenient during B -ultrasound and ECG examination.

4. Pay attention to diet before women’s physical examination

Began to pay attention to diet a few days before the medical examination. Eat less sweet, salty, and greasy foods. Do not drink alcohol. Do not take drugs that affect liver and kidney function if necessary. If antibiotics, vitamin C, weight loss drugs, etc. are taken, drugs should be discontinued 3 days before the physical examination.

5. Other precautions for female medical examinations

Women pregnant women should avoid X -ray examination, and inform the specific situation of the doctor’s pregnancy before the physical examination. Pay attention to mental relaxation during physical examination to avoid excessive tension, which will help doctors to objectively check physical conditions.

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