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What time is the best menopause?The older the menopause, the longer you live?Tell you the truth

“I’m here, and I won’t dance with you tonight.” Aunt Wang sent the news to the WeChat group, and the old girlfriends in the group exploded.

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Aunt Wang: You have not been menopausal, and you are really envious.

Aunt Li: The later menopause, the easier it is to live long. No wonder you don’t look old.

Aunt Liu: Do you really think it is a good thing? One of my old neighbors was found to have been detected for cancer because of menopause. I advise you to go to the hospital as soon as possible!

After listening to Aunt Liu’s words, Aunt Wang felt very uncomfortable. This person would not deliberately say it because of jealousy, and what he said was too unintelligible. But she said that she was really doubting whether she was a good thing late, so she sent a private message to ask Xiao Miao. How old is the menopause age of women?

Next, Xiaomiao will take you to understand Aunt Wang’s doubts. Let’s read the article together.


1. When is a menopause better?

According to the survey data, the average menopause age of women in my country is 49 years old.

After the age of 40, menopause is a normal manifestation, but it also needs to be divided into morning and evening. Women’s 40-45 years old menopause belongs to the early menopause and 54 years old.

Most women are naturally menopause between 46 and 53 years old. Menopathy means that women have not menstruation at least 12 months. If there are menstruation intermittently in the middle, it cannot be called menstruation.

There are rumors that the later the menopause comes, the longer the life span. Is this true?

Studies from the University of California, San Diego, found that women have more than 40 years of fertility and menopause are above 50 or more, and the probability of life is more than 90 years old than ordinary people. In this regard, researchers concluded that women who conclude menstruation will indeed live longer.

However, Yu Ligang, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Xiaoshan Hospital in Zhejiang, reminded that the age of women’s menopause is definitely not as later. If the menstrual period of women is over 55 years old, it may be caused by hormone fluctuations in the body. In this case, the endometrium of women’s uterine is also easily stimulated, and the risk of endometrial cancer will increase to a certain extent to a certain extent increased to a certain extent. Essence

All in all, women’s menopause should be kept within normal range, and it is the best time.


What are the symptoms of the body before menopause?

When menopause comes, women’s body will have a series of abnormalities. If you have these symptoms, most of them are menopause.

1. Menstrual disorders

The most common manifestation of menstruation before menopause is menstrual disorders. According to individual differences, it can be manifested as extended, shortened menstrual cycle, incomplete menstrual blood, and decreased menstrual flow. Compared with the previous menstrual period, menopause will make the menstrual period particularly irregular.

2. Trendy appears

When a menopausal level is coming, the level of estrogen in the body will decrease largely, and then the female body will appear abnormally hot. Even if the weather is not hot, it is easy to blush and sweat, and it may wake up because of the hot heat at night, which will have a great impact on the quality of sleep.

3. Passing and insomnia

Women who are menopause will also be greatly affected because autonomous nerve function is affected by the decline in estrogen levels. Once autonomous neurological dysfunction, women can easily cause a series of discomfort such as panic and insomnia.

4. Gravity

The decline in estrogen levels can also greatly affect women’s endocrine systems. Daily emotions will become particularly large. One trivial matter may make women fight the liver and it is difficult to control themselves.

5. Physical pain

The decline in estrogen in women’s body can also cause bone mass to lose a large extent, which then causes women to have backache and joint pain. Many women will suffer from osteoporosis after menopause.


Third, can a woman go menstruation, can they still live “husband and wife life”?

Some people think that women have lost their ability to live in their lives after menopause, and some people have a completely opposite attitude. They feel that menopause does not affect normal husband and wife life. Who is right?

In fact, women can still carry out husband and wife life normally after menopause. Proper life of husband and wife can also bring some benefits to health.

First, the life of husband and wife can promote sex hormone secretion in women, alleviate insufficient estrogen secretion caused by menopause, and improve some symptoms of physical discomfort. Second, the same room can also consume the excess heat of both sides and maintain the level of metabolism at a high level.

But in the same room after menopause, there are something to pay attention to. Dr. Yang Jianbo, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that after women’s menopause, there will be some discomfort symptoms. Therefore, some nursing measures should be taken, and the frequency of the same room can be once a week. Secondly, we must maintain a correct mentality and face up to physiological needs, because women can enter the elderly whether they are menopause or entering the age. Fourth, “see red” after menopause? Be wary as a cancer signal, don’t care

Li Kunyin, a gynecological department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after menopause, bleeding refers to vaginal bleeding again after the menstrual period stops for more than 1 year, mostly to indicate the disease.

If suffering from endometrial cancer, women can cause abnormal vaginal bleeding and ducts; some women are not old and have not completely discontinued menstruation, and vaginal bleeding may occur again after a few months of menopause;

Some women are due to the severe vaginitis they suffer from themselves, which leads to purulent secretions. These secretions often have evil odor and drip -shaped bleeding;

Finally, some women are caused by the embedded in the uterine muscle layer worn by the body. The uterus of women after menopause will gradually shrink, and the birth ring is still the original size. If it is not taken out in time, it will easily cause bleeding.

Regardless of the vaginal bleeding again, it is recommended that women should go to the medical treatment in time and not delay.

Menstruation is a mirror of women’s health. For these knowledge of menstruation, female friends should learn more and work hard for their own health.

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