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What to do if a one -time mask is allergic

Due to the frequent frequent epidemic diseases in recent years, people have almost developed the habit of going out to wear disposable masks. This habit is actually good for themselves to others, but some people are more sensitive to skin. After a one -time mask, the skin will have an allergic reaction as much as possible. There are many small pupae. This situation is very distressing. So today, let’s take a look at the sexual mask allergic small pimple?

Because many people usually do not have the habit of bringing a mask, they will feel uncomfortable with a mask, and the quality of the heart is not very good in the quality of the heart. To alleviate and improve, the best way to deal with is to do your own skin care. First of all, you must ensure that the facial skin is not greasy and lack of water. When washing your face, try to use a gentle and non -irritating cleansing supplies. The skin cream with isolation effects is cleaned to the skin after taking off the mask, and remembers that you cannot use any makeup supplies with chemical components to avoid stimulating skin problems.

If the above method is not very effective, you can also use ointments with anti -allergic effects for treatment, but use ointment to remember not to choose hormones. It is best to choose the nature of Chinese herbal medicine. Dependence can also improve the skin’s own immune antibody.

People who are easy to be allergic to the skin must pay more attention to their diet. They cannot eat any spicy foods, and they cannot smoke and drink. The diet should be as light and reasonable as possible. Increase the skin’s own immunity.

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After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows how to deal with the one -time mask allergic and small pimple. Then we need to remind everyone that when buying a mask, we must choose the product produced by regular manufacturers, and there must be a mask material qualification certificate. If the material of the disposable mask is serious, you can also use a normal fabric mask to add a layer of felmin cloth protective pad in the middle. Essence

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