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What to do if children’s mycoplasma pneumonia cough

Patients with mycoplasma pneumonia are constantly coughing, and the common treatment methods are drugs to relieve cough.At the same time, anti -infection therapy, commonly used drugs include narricin, Azithromycin and other large ring dectomial antibiotics.

Mycoplasma pneumonia is an acute pulmonary inflammation caused by chlamydia.It not only affects breathing, but also affect hearing, mucous membranes, cardiovascular systems, blood systems, nervous systems, etc.A few people may die due to respiratory distress.The typical manifestation of mycoplasma pneumonia is paroxysmal cough.Standardized therapy can effectively improve symptoms and promote the cure of diseases.1. Early use of proper antibiotics can relieve the condition and shorten the course of the disease.Erythromycin, romancin, and Azithromycin and other large rings antibiotics are the preferred drugs for the treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia.For those with non -sensitive antibiotics in large circles, respiratory fluoropromone such as levofloxacin and Moishastar can be selected.2. Those with heavy cough should take town cough appropriately.The above drugs should be used under the guidance of a doctor and should not be used blindly.Baby mycoplasma pneumonia refers to pneumonia caused by branches infection.Its clinical manifestations include chills, fever, and dry cough. Dry cough is usually more intense, accompanied by dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other discomfort.The main treatment is anti -bracket treatment, including drugs and other drugs.At the same time, severe cough can be treated with right Mishafen.Some patients still have symptoms such as cough after the improvement of pneumonia.At this time, it can be treated with anti -airway high -reactive drugs, including deodidin and Mengru Ste sodium.Symptoms can gradually be relieved after two weeks of treatment.The above plan is for reference only.Under the guidance of a professional doctor, use specific drugs according to your own situation.

Children with mycoplasma pneumonia should be light, supplemented by necessary vitamins, trace elements, etc.And should eat more heat -clearing foods, such as mung beans, loofah, and cool blood to detoxify.It is advisable to eat amaranth, field snails, pinch, loach, catfish, rapeseed, taro, mung beans, red beans, Malan head.Eat more foods that enhance immunity: catfish, mulberry, figs, lychee, walnuts, tempeh, olives, almonds, loofah, etc.

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