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What to do if the elderly can’t digest well!

The gastrointestinal function of the elderly is gradually aging, and it is common for them to digest well. Digestiveness can easily bring harm to the body, and it is prone to problems such as rising belly and uncomfortable stomach. So, how to alleviate the problem of indigestion of the elderly?

◆ What to do if the elderly indigestion is poor

1. Eat the vocal food first

Eat the staple food when eating. The staple foods such as rice and noodles are carbohydrates, which are easily digested, and are easy to make people feel full. Eating first can avoid eating too much. It is also conducive to stimulating saliva secretion of starch, digesting food, and then stimulating gastric acid secretion. Enhance the digestion of the stomach. Coarse grains are the first choice for staple foods. It is rich in fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, and can also excrete excess fat from the body.

2. Avoid fruit and tea after meals

Tea and fruits have a good stimulating effect on the body, but they need to stay away from them for a while after eating. Eating fruits immediately after a meal will be blocked by the food that is eaten first, causing the fruit to not digest normally. Drink tea immediately after meals. The tannic acid contained in tea will affect protein absorption and increase the burden on the stomach. After meals, tea should be erected in the stomach, about 2 hours after the meal.

3. Rinse your mouth with saliva

In fact, it is “Hanjin” in Chinese medicine. The weak spleen and stomach function of the elderly is related to the reduction of saliva secretion. Saliva contains amylase, which can play a role in moisturizing mouth and sterilization. And saliva is also an important substance that nourishes the spleen and stomach, which has a lot to do with the normal play of the digestive system function. The elderly can do some oral exercise to promote saliva secretion.

4. Rub the belly during the walking process

Appropriate exercise after meals can also promote the physiological function of the gastrointestinal tract. Half an hour after dinner, take a walk for 20 ~ 30 minutes. Rubbing the belly while scattered, it can promote gastrointestinal blood circulation and gastric secretion, and enhance gastrointestinal digestive function.

◆ What should I eat for indigestion?

1. Yogurt: replenish lactic acid enzyme

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid and can decompose lactose in milk into lactic acid.

2. Apple: Stimulate intestinal peristalsis

Apple contains cellulose that can stimulate bowel movements and accelerate defecation, so it has a laxative effect.

3. Tomatoes: Assisting digestion fat

Tomatoes contain a special ingredient -lylsin, which helps digestion and diuretic, and can help gastric fluid digestion fat.

4, hawthorn: stagnation of meat stagnation

Hawthorn is the top product of stagnation of meat, containing a variety of organic acids such as hawthorn acid, and containing lipidase. After entering the stomach, it can enhance the effect of enzymes, promote the digestion of meat, and help cholesterol transformation.

5. Cabbage: Promote gastrointestinal motility

Contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and prevent dry stool.

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