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What to do if the menstrual volume is low ovarian aging

Premature ovarian sewing of menstruation usually pays attention to conditioning methods such as diet, moderate rest and drug treatment.

1. Pay attention to diet: women have small menstrual flow and premature ovarian failure, which is caused by disorders of endocrine system.Women can increase the intake of nutrients in daily life, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, etc., and promote the secretion of normal endocrine systems and estrogen.2. Moderate rest: Women with small menstrual flow and premature ovarian failure have been excited for a long time because of staying up late.Estrogen often secretes when sleeping at night. Insufficient women’s rest causes insufficient estrogen secretion. It can be treated by adjusting schedules and combination of work and rest.3. Drug therapy: women with low menstrual flow and premature ovarian failure can use Chinese medicine.Such as Kuntai Capsules, Ankun Wan, etc., conditioning the body and promoting the secretion of estrogen.In addition, estrogen hyperemia replacement therapy is recommended clinically.The use of drug treatment to obey the arrangement of professional doctors.

It is recommended to keep a good mood and eat some iron-containing foods.Drink plenty of water and don’t eat junk food.

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