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What to do if the rash

Many people often encounter rash problems when changing seasons. Other people are often equipped with masks, which will also lead to this phenomenon of emergency treatment. After the rash is encountered, it will not be eased in time. It will have a great impact on the skin. Then, let’s take a look at what should I do after the rash?

When the skin rash occurs during the season, it is actually directly related to the skin’s too sensitive. At this time, you must pay attention to replenishing the skin in a timely manner, and the skin can not be stimulated. Cosmetics, otherwise it is easy to cause this situation of acute rash to be more serious, and even cause the skin to be particularly itchy.

Now because of the epidemic, we need to wear a mask when we go out. Wearing a mask for a long time, the skin does not have normal breath, it can easily lead to the situation of acute rash. Therefore, in order to prevent their rash, when choosing a mask, we must pay attention to choosing regular products, because only formal products can be more breathable. When people are open and safe, take off the mask and let the skin breathe, which will also help improve the skin rash.

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After the rash appears, there are actually many matters that need to be nursing. For example, you can’t eat some irritating foods, because irritating foods will have a great impact on the skin. For example, foods such as pepper and leeks can cause the skin to be stimulated to a certain amount of stimulation, and it will also affect the time of removal after rash. After the rash, be careful not to scratch it with your hands, because there are more bacteria on your hands, it is easy to cause the skin infection.

What are the above? Therefore, we must pay attention to the skin. For care for the skin, we must pay attention to hydrating the skin. For a long time, the skin is in severe water dehydration. Try to reduce going out as much as possible, only to reduce going out can we reduce the time of wearing a mask.


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