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What to do if there is no ovulation

Women will have an ovulation period every month, and the normal ovulation period should appear between ten to twenty days between two menstruation. If the same room can be performed in time after ovulation day, the chance of successful pregnancy will be relatively high. Some young will be young. The couple used ovulation test paper to test when women ovulated, but they did not test ovulation after testing for a month. This situation is very distressed. So today I will take you to understand what to do if there is no ovulation?

If menstruation is normal, but ovulation does not occur during ovulation, so most of them are caused by ovarian and fallopian tube health problems. The more common cause is that the fallopian tube is blocked. The fallopian tube is a channel bridge to transport eggs. If there is no way to discharge normally, there will be no detection.

In addition to the blocked fallopian tube, ovarian tumors can also cause no ovulation. In addition to ovarian tumors, in addition to causing ovulation without ovulation, it can also cause pain on one side of the small belly. Women’s ovaries and fallopian tubes are both on both sides. One side is blocked or tumors will not affect the normal conception function on the other side, but the chance of conception is reduced by half. Washing tubes can be treated normally by dredging, and ovarian cysts need to be treated for treatment.

Women’s ovulation during ovulation may not be caused by endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders will affect human ovarian function. It can be improved by improving diet and schedules. However, endocrine disorders are also caused by glands disease. If it is a cause of this area, the cause of the cause is needed.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows what if there is no ovulation? I hope that all friends can have a correct understanding of various reasons for ovulation during ovulation. You can also know how to deal with such a disease. I wish all female friends can successfully conceive successfully.

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