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What to do if uremia and foot swelling

Patients with uremia should choose the treatment plan according to the specific situation.

If it is a patient with early uremia and urine, you can choose diuretics and swelling medicine for symptomatic treatment.For example, heart -intensive sketch, screw lactatoprotic tablets, etc.Of course, you should pay attention to monitor the electrolyte in the body and choose diuretics.In addition, the most important treatment for patients with uremia is dialysis.Ultrafilled dehydration can be realized in both peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis.If the patient performs hemodialysis, it can slightly increase the dehydration of dehydration through manual setting through hemodialysis.If it is peritoneal dialysis, a high concentration peritoneal dialysis solution can be used for ultra -filter dehydration.Generally speaking, the problem of swelling can be solved.This means that the patient’s feet usually do not have water in the body, which means that the patient does not have drainage.Patients with uremia are due to poor renal function, and kidney drainage and detoxification ability is significantly lower than before.In terms of drainage, if the patient’s drainage is not smooth or the dialysis effect is not good, the patient’s feet will swell.This is because there are more water in the body, and the water will reach the position of the feet under the action of gravity, causing swelling of the feet.Therefore, in view of this situation, it is generally believed that the dialysis should be strengthened, the dehydration of patients with hemodialysis should be strengthened, and the patient’s weight should be further evaluated.Water sodium retention is caused, uremia patients have less urine or no urine, and excess water in the body cannot be discharged, so it causes symptoms such as water sodium sodium retention and even swelling of the body.For patients with peritoneal dialysis, high -concentration peritoneal dialysis solution can be added to help discharge water and relieve the swelling of the foot.Patients with gout and uremia are accompanied by elevated uric acid.At this time, patients are prone to gout, swelling, and even unable to get out of bed.If the feet are swollen on one side of the patient with uremia and the feet on the other side are normal, the possibility of the formation of lower limb thrombosis should be considered.The color Doppler ultrasound of the lower limb blood vessels can be diagnosed clearly.

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