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What to do if urticaria itching

Urticaria can choose wet compress, local medication, internal medicine, and smoked traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Wet compress: Itching is unbearable at the cortex of urticaria, you can choose cold compress treatment. Wet wet towels with cold water directly to the itching area, or put the wet towel in the refrigerator for a few minutes and put it in the itch. Wet compresses can reduce the temperature of the skin lesions, reduce the release of histamine, and relieve itching symptoms. 2. Local medication: Poor amiasis is accompanied by itching symptoms during the occurrence, which can also be treated with external drugs. Commonly used topical drugs include glyphosate washing agent, analgesic moist ointment, dosage ointment, etc. These drugs have the effects of antipruritic and sterilization, which can relieve local itching symptoms. 3. Oral medication: Itching symptoms last for a long time. When external drugs are ineffective, you can choose oral drugs. Commonly used oral drugs include antihistamines, H2 receptor antagonists, glucocorticoids, immunosuppressants, etc. There are very few simple applications of oral drugs. Generally combined with drugs, it can quickly relieve itching, sterilize, and relieve local itching symptoms. For the specific medication, you should consult the relevant doctors and do not allow the medicine privately. 4. Fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine: The effect of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of urticaria is exact, and it has the effects of removing wind and itching, clearing heat and detoxifying. If the symptoms of local itching are severe, the fumigation of traditional Chinese medicine can be used to promote local blood circulation and reduce itching and pain. However, the requirements for adding Chinese medicine are high, and under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Urticaria is a common skin disease that occurs in children. It can lead to erythema in the patient’s skin, and its frequency is very high. Patients will also cause nausea and abdominal pain. For urticaria, the cause needs to be found, and then symptomatic treatment. Urticaria has many characteristics during its acute attack, and according to its corresponding types, its characteristics are also different. The characteristics of acute urticaria are urgent onset and local itching. Giant urticaria is mainly manifested as local edema. Chronic urticaria is characterized by repeated seizures of rubella mass, with a long course of disease. The characteristic of pimple urticaria is that the rash part is uncertain.

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