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What to do with premature ejaculation?Emile nursing care pay attention to these three points

What to do with premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is one of the common manifestations of male sexual dysfunction. Premature ejaculation not only easily affects the self -confidence of men, but also affects the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, when male friends suffer from premature ejaculation So what are the aspects of male premature ejaculation care?

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The following three points of nursing nursing nursing:

1. Eat less spicy nourishment, quit smoking, quit drinking

As a common and multiple male disease, premature ejaculation needs to pay special attention in terms of dietary habits. Patients who care for the disease can also allow patients to eat more foods with kidney nourishing kidney. They can also eat more seafood and soy products products , Fish, shrimp, etc. to help the sun fill the food, to quit smoking and alcohol, and develop good living habits and eating habits.

2. Premature ejaculation care should be actively participating in sports training

To completely get rid of the trouble of premature ejaculation, the necessary physical exercise is essential. Patients also need to often participate in some cultural and sports activities that are good for physical and mental health, such as listening to music, gym fitness, etc. Pay attention to conditioning and enhance physical fitness.

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3. Patients with premature ejaculation should correctly understand and treat sexual life

Premature ejaculation is a commonri disease. Male patients should take the condition correctly. Patients should pay attention to controlling houses. At the same time, they should pay attention to the hygiene of intercourse, abstain from masturbation habits, and let the husband and wife understand the meaning of sexual education and understand the meaning of premature ejaculation. Patients must also establish confidence, to know the method of nursing premature ejaculation patients, and at the same time cooperate with treatment with a positive attitude. It is best to choose a quiet and comfortable environment when the husband and wife are in a room to prevent noise and noise.

If premature ejaculation occurs for a long time, it is necessary to go to a regular specialist hospital for treatment in time. Many premature ejaculation patients do not go to the hospital for treatment because of good face, or because of the occasional premature ejaculation It becomes more serious, and it can also cause erectile dysfunction such as impotence. Therefore, male friends better understand the common harm of premature ejaculation, attach importance to the disease, and treat the disease early.

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